Most women do not realize how much power there is in keeping your vijay jay under lock and key. When a men approaches a woman, nine times out of ten he has already sized you up. When I say that, I mean in regards to whether or not you are a one night stand, a frequent booty call or wife material. They have already quickly imagined what having sex or making love or both would be like with you. They are hunters and they love the chase. The problem for us lies in the fact we jump too soon and begin to imagine what the rest of our lives would be like with this man and not even knowing if he is worth or worthy of the time, love,energy,headaches,fights,getting to know one another takes a lot of time and you still don’t get the full jist of just who they really are.

They (women) become all google-eyed and fall slap into lust because they are just excited,adrenaline running high,pheromones are oozing and they’re just hot in between the legs. Now, if it was true love and you’re working towards marriage and this is really going to happen for the both of you, again I encourage abstinence because there IS power in the vagina. Women I encourage you to wait and keep your power. Once you fall in lust because its not love, trust me its not. You then relinquish that power and you’re on an emotional high getting ready to crash and burn. Once they get the goods, the cookie, the power the chase is over and it is no longer fun for them. They enjoy the challenge. They enjoy the fact that you’re not easy and you make them work. But the moment you begin to allow the hand holding to lead to kissing, to tongue kissing to rubbing and touching, you may as well either stop it cold turkey right then or you are about to go on an emotional roller coaster and you’re going to lose control and you are destined for destruction.

The thing about it is, we as women feel like if we have to hurry up and “do something” before he leaves or someone else comes around and peaks his interest. Listen to me ladies, my queens and my sisters. This brother is so into you right now because you refuse to give it up. It makes him want to work for the goods. It makes him go to another level of thinking with you and he begins to question himself. He begins to wonder what is it about you that makes you worth the chase and he begins to chase harder. He begins to,wonder what is it about himself that makes you say no time and time again. He then begins to shower you with gifts, a little more sincere concern, opens the car doors and walks you to the door at the end of the date. He then begins to call you once he’s in the car and talks to you all the way home. Now you become the first thing he thinks of in the morning and the last thing before he closes his eyes. Sweetheart, there is power in not giving up the vijay jay until you’re married. He then sees that you do have standards, he can take you home to meet mom and the family,that you’re not like every other girl who pretends to be celibate and then give in to the temptation.

The thing about it is, he may still TRY you. That doesn’t mean you have to give in. It also doesn’t mean that he is going to leave you because you said no. What it does is make him question his ego and make him man up and think about how now he has met a real woman with standards, values, priorities and morals. He has finally met a woman who knows the power of her vijay jay. He has met a woman who loves God more than she will ever love him and she is not willing to mess up her relationship with God for a man who is simply at this point a possibility. Ladies please know you do have options and choices as well as men.

Ladies, there IS POWER in your vijay jay. It’s sacred and powerful and precious. Don’t ever think you have to compromise for a man, relationship or a possible future marriage that may or may not happen. I don’t care what people say. They can talk about you, laugh, point the finger or call you a holy rolly or whatever. If its in the bible, no matter how modernized society has become, if its in the bible and it is….save yourself for marriage. It’s more to it than having power. Not to mention soul ties, diseases and pre marital sex that leads to babies out of wedlock. That leads to unplanned parenthood and families. So, yes ladies I encourage you to hold on to your precious power and treat it with tender,loving care. Be kind to it and keep it under lock and key until you connect with a man who respects your walk with Christ, your choice of celibacy and a man who is willing to make the sacrifice and wait because he Knows that you are worth the wait.

Also ladies you must be committed, confident and in control at all times.never feel intimidated or have low self esteem if he is looking elsewhere, he may go be with someone else or he may just bounce. Please believe that he was not worth the time or effort because if he truly knew your worth and seen in you what God has placed in you; he would clearly, without a doubt, no matter what his boys may say, mama may say or whatever…he’ll stick around, make it work and take the necessary steps towards a future with you.

Never backdown in what you believe in, never put your feelings and beliefs on the back burner because he does not believe like you do. Stand strong, keep pressing and know that God has not forgotten about you. He knows the plans he has for you and they are to prosper you and not harm you. Keep trusting God and know that their is power in waiting. There is power in prayer. There is power in celibacy. There is power in your vijay jay. And most importantly, there IS POWER IN YOU!!!!! V-Power ladies. Stand strong, be bold and fight to keep your power!!!


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