The Single Life

Well ladies it has been a long time coming. I have finally embraced the single life and learned to love ME! I am in my mid thirties, I’m a single mother and I’m doing me, finally. For so long I thought that I needed a man in my life to complete me. That left me even more lonely, upset and bothered because I always chose the wrong men. Through many trials and tribulations I have come to the conclusion that my happiness and joy comes only from God and from loving ME. So, now that I’m in a very good place mentally, physically and emotionally I am creating a blog home here @ Konversationswithkizzy for the single life of today’s women and men. We can talk, share, comment and our differences of opinions, ideas, thoughts and videos. The single life is real and it can be scary sometimes because of all the things we go through if we choose to date. If we don’t choose to date, we miss out on certain things amongst living a full life and a balanced life. Women have so many hang ups especially when they’ve been hurt, abandoned, abused, disappointed and not able to heal. For many reasons women hold on to the past and bring it into their current situation and end up with no future because they refuse to believe in the hope of love. Instead they continue with this jilted mentality all men are dogs. That is untrue. We as women do not fully understand that every man is not the same, but the problem is not simply men. It is the men we attract. We attract who we are. Whatever is on the inside, is what we attract outside. So, we have to start turning that finger around and pointing it at ourselves, pray and get it together. If we want something different, we must do something different. We must be delivered from the past and let it go. We will never be happy or whole or any good for anybody until we make these changes. A broken heart is something. But it is also something we can can bounce back from if we choose too. Don’t be your own worst enemy because you refuse to deal with the inner-me, that inner man. Be free, be whole and be healed. The road to that life is through prayer, some counseling and some just simply choosing to be a better YOU. So, I look forward to posting weekly about The Single Life and the issues and blessings in it. Until our next talk, love and peace!


Insecurities VS. Improvements;Your View On Surgery & Implants

Today’s society tells women you have to be a certain size, height and weight in order to be considered beautiful. Well, well, well here we are with so many women,especially women of color that fall into that statistic. Once they receive the fame and fortune, here comes the changes. Now, me personally I do not mind what they do. It is their body, money and life. However, some people beg to differ because they say you should exercise and lose the weight and tone up naturally. Then, you have some that may say they are too lazy, do not have time nor the motivation and they go under the knife. It is good for some, in other cases you must consider the side effects and the health problems some women are dealing with. It is a vey serious conversation to have with your doctor prior to surgery.

Now I completely understand women who have had their breasts removed due to Cancer or some other sickness or disease. They absolutely should do whatever is necessary to make them feel and look better in their opinion.

I am referring to women who can simply exercise and eat healthier as opposed to having the surgeries. I myself at this moment, I am exercising and eating better. If I had the money to get implants and cut the fat away, I would consider it only because I like the quick fix. As of today, I exercise. That’s my personal feeling and opinion concerning myself and I’m comfortable sharing that. I do take high blood pressure pills so, would surgery actually be a reality for me, no.Too many risks so, I will literally work to lose the weight and tone up for the rest of my life.

I personally follow before and after pictures of those African American females that quote unquote have the rags to riches stories. Not to be judgmental at all, but just to see how they really feel about their body. The response is always the same in different women. They all go under the knife, get butt implants and so forth. Of course it makes them look more attractive and I’m sure they receive more contracts and more money for their appearances. I wish them well, but for those who desire to look better by a doctor,instead of a personal commitment to self by exercising and eating healthier; but you lack the funds to do so. If you ever came into an excess of money would you opt to have the implants and surgery???

Would it be due to the fact that you are insecure about your body,the fat and extra skin that hangs or just want a quick fix due to time,energy and lack of motivation and commitment?
Please share your thoughts and comments.

Below are pictures of a woman that went through breast augmentation. This is totally understandable and different than choosing to do it only for the fact of being too lazy to exercise or being insecure and choosing to enhance areas you don’t feel good about. Either way we all as women must remember we are all wonderfully and beautifully created in HIS image. God loves you just the way you are!!!!



Update On Book Release

I am in the process of writing my very first book. It is very dear to my heart and I finally feel free to share with the world my testimony. I have been working non stop on this book and it holds a very special place in my heart and soul. Reason being, by writing this book I learned about my mom things I never knew. It also allowed me to grow and become free as I write. I know my books will touch the heart of the people and they need to hear my story, my way. I will keep you posted on all the details and upcoming events concerning the release and launch. Thank you for all the support you show.

Marietta Mentoring For Leadership

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend a mentoring training program for teens in middle school and high school.
A young woman named Akella Cook Clore whom you can find on Facebook, along with the overseer of the non for profit organization named Marge Kellogg whom you can reach @ have an outstanding program that changes the lives of our youth one day at a time. I met some amazing mentors that have a heart for our youth in Marietta, Ga. They welcomed me and we shared testimonies and stories of why we would like to help the program and mentor these young men and women. They told us how they have fed, housed and mentored some and how some touched their lives as well. This program should really be exposed more to gain more mentors so they can go beyond the city limits of Marietta,Ga. They accept donations and volunteers. They fully train you and go through a criminal background check and welcome you with open arms and a smile!!! Please help the youth in Marietta and surrounding cities, they need us. It really does take a village to raise a child. A lot of these pre teens and teens are looking for love, but in all the wrong places. They want to be accepted, but right now they’re being accepted by the wrong influences. We must help and allow them a chance at life, at leadership. Contact Akella Cook Clore on Facebook or Margie Kellogg @

Welcome To Konversations With Kizzy!!!

Konversations With Kizzy is all about you! In today’s society we are faced with many challenges, but through prayer, faith and work on our behalf we can face tomorrow! On this site we will face tomorrow together, build meaningful relationships and be strong and fierce! Again, welcome to Konversations With Kizzy, please comment, post and let us come together and talk! We all need a place where we can talk in peace, vent and not be judged but prayed with and for. Much love until our next talk!