The Trust Factor

Opening your soul to another
Revealing all your indiscretions
No more covering up your scars
In the natural or in the spirit
Believing that they’ll never hurt you intentionally
Forces you to build a bond

This in turn raises the trust factor

Closing the doors to your past hurts and pain
Reviving those dead feelings
Choosing to be happy again
No longer being afraid to love
Forces you to build a bond

Which in turn raises the trust factor

Patience truly is a virtue
Learning to lean and depend on God even in this
Producing the fruit of love
Embracing a newness
Not knowing what tomorrow holds
But trusting a God that holds your tomorrow in His hands
He knows what’s best for you
Even in the trust factor

Faith will carry you when facts can’t keep you
Prayer will comfort you
When fear does grip you
Love will cover a multitude of things
When trust has crept in and stares you in the face

A bond has to built in order for trust to be solidified
The trust factor causes you to take risks
Believing in someone else takes courage
Hope in love will cause you to see life in a whole new light

The trust factor
Either you have it
Or you don’t

Let go and let God

Everything else will fall into place.


Life After

Life is beautiful
Life is precious
What you choose to do with this life, your life matters

Stand firm in the life of the word
Be not easily moved
This life is how you handle it with care

There is life after the hurt
Life after he pain
There is life
It’ll never be the same

There is life after the loss of a loved one
Life after the break up
There is life in the Son

There is life after they walk out
Life after the heartache
That’s what living is all about

There is life…….

There is a new life
That awaits your new beginning
There is a life that you must embrace
A life that you must face
A life that has your name written all over it

There is a life…….

How you choose to live this life
Will determine your outcome
There is life out younger somewhere
And it’s calling you to come there
Rise up and Go forth in boldness

There is a life…….

Live a life filled with joy
Live a life filled with happiness
Live a life that is consumed with power
A life that provokes change and growth
A life of freedom and fierceness
Live a life that opens up new possibilities and doors
A life of promise
A life of grace
A life of class
A life that causes others to stop and stare


Give yourself a chance and live
Laugh, love and lift yourself up
Live a life free of what others think
Live a life that is filled with joy and peace

Live a life that is free of the past
Live a life that makes YOU happy.

There is a life that awaits you and only you
Go after it and live……

There is Life After whatever you may have gone through or will go through.
Life is a beautiful thing………
Life after.

Lessons Learned

On this journey called life
There will be lessons learned
Experiences gained
Tears shed
Memories created
Loss of friendships
Loves found

But most of all; lessons learned

Some situations aren’t all bad
Most people aren’t all good
You win some
You lose some
But most of all; the lessons are learned

You may not pass every test
You may not dot every I
Nor cross every T
However the lessons are learned

Learning to forgive will never be easy
Learned to let go will never be hard
Learning to overcome you may face some challenges
However, the lessons are learned

Learning to turn the other cheek is always Gods way
Learning to not hold grudges
Learning to guard your mouth to prevent what you really want to say
Learning to deal with liars, back stabbers and gossipers
Is a lesson all in itself
Learning to look past a manipulator and deceiver is a test that makes your prayer life
But, learning the lesson is all that matters

They may never see their wrong
They may always deny it
They may always play the victim
However, learning to love the hell right out of them is a direct mandate from God
Learn the lesson

On this journey called life
These things are mere distractions
To keep your eyes off of God
However, the lesson in these trials is to stay focused
Pray more
Press harder
Praise louder

Learn the lesson and never let the lesson have to be repeated

Lessons learned always bring elevation
Learned lessons always takes you to new dimensions

Learn the lesson

Side note: mount up on wings as an eagle
Run and not be weary
For you shall reap if you faint not

If God is for you, He’s more than the world against you
No weapon formed against you shall prosper

Worth The Wait

No matter how long you have been single; never settle.
No matter what odds may appear to be against you; never give up
No matter what your past looks like; never look back

God’s got you.

No matter what people may say
No matter what others may think
No matter what weapon was formed, it shall not prosper

God’s got you.

No matter what last night looked like
Today you have a brand new start

No matter what made you cry
Today you can choose to smile

No matter what you lost
Today you can choose to take it all back

No matter what
No matter who
No matter why
No matter when

Today, God’s got you!!!!