A Life Of Love

Relationships should bring out the best in you and not the stress in you
Love is a beautiful thing when expressed and shared with the right person
You or they will never be perfect
Only perfect for one another

Relationships should lead to marriage
After the friendship has developed
After the relationship has shown to be worth it
When the man decides he can’t live without you
When God has blessed the union

To be more, To do more
To be the epitome of marriages
To show the world that God is able

There is life in love
There is joy in the journey
There is prosperity in the process
There is power in the pain
There is bliss in the blessing
Of overcoming, enduring and conquering
This thing called love

No egos, no pride, no attitudes, no blaming
Embracing the good, the bad and the ugly
Knowing that through prayer and faith
The two of you can conquer the world
Love covers a multitude of sins

God honors marriage
God will honor your marriage
If you simply trust Him and not self
Allow God in to drive out everything that’s not like Him
To fill you both with a determination to make it
A depth of love for one another
A sensitivity to each other’s needs
A prayer life that God honors
A commitment to always care and share
A promise to love no matter what happens
Agape love at its best
Holy love that scares the devil
A bond that can’t be broken
A God kinda love

God is Love……..


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