Pressing Pass The Pain……..

As the heart cries silently, the mouth musters up a smile. And as the night draws near; the echoes of the hurt whispers in your ear.

The key slides into the lock, turning the knob and entering into an empty place that you call home. Although the room is filled with familiar faces; they seem so far away; different atmospheres and different places. Being delivered and set free from the past is but a mere memory as you face the pain of today, praying to God to make a way. Kneeling down onto the floor, pleading with God to have more……. More of HIM and less of you, less of the pain and no more disappointments.

Yet the soul screams, as your heart cries and yet your face musters up a smile to hide the pain. You’ve learned to press pass the the pain. You adapted the old adage, no pain no gain. No escape for your silent nightmares that appear to everyone else as a sweet dream. Making no excuses as to why your life is what it is, blaming no one but accepting your truth and no longer living in a web of lies.

Day in and day out, you forgive and let go to let God get the glory, no one knows your story. No one could dare walk a mile in your shoes but they sit back and wait to see you sink or soar. They laugh and mock as you mistake your way into your blessings. But didn’t God say He’d use the foolish things to confound the wise??? Although you think you’ve missed your blessings, your husband, your dream, your house, your gifts, your ministry and your moment…..God is saying I will use all this pain that you have pressed pass to set you up for your greatest victory.if God did it before, He’ll do it again! Same God right now that He was back then!!!

What the devil meant for evil, God shall turn it around for your good! And every tongue that rises against you, they shall be condemned. For God will not be mocked and He shall make your enemies your footstool. Despise not your small beginnings and know that the favor and blessings of The Lord is upon you. So my sister, my brother….please continue to press pass the pain. It is not in vain. God still has need of you in the kingdom of God, in this lifetime, in this moment and you shall be redeemed, restored, renewed and revived!

Press Pass The Pain.