The Ex Factor

Today is a new day for me and yes, he is still my ex for a reason. He is indeed The Ex Factor that remains a thorn in my flesh to remind why I must never go backwards. Why I must keep pressing and pushing myself forward and allowing myself time to heal and become whole. I will never take what he did out on another man, I still believe in love because I truly know what love is now. I can see where  growth and  deliverance came in and freed me to be a better woman. A woman of true subsatnce and I truly LOVE ME. No matter what I have been through; my past does not dictate my future. I am engulfed in the presence of God and I would have it no other way. I am celibate for  a reason and I choose to wait on God for a mate. My Ex Factor is no longer a factor in my life and never will be besides the fact that he taught me how to love me and to never settle for less than what I deserve. I can now sit and tell him about the goodness of God and offer Christ to him so he will not die and go to hell in prsion. I can now tell other women how God can bring you through and bring you out no matter what you have been through because of The Ex Factor. The Ex Factor has allowed me to go to new heights in life, new levels in my prayer life and new dimensions in how I perceive myself. I have learned to embrace what The Ex Factor did to me because he would not have been able too had I not allowed him too. I take full responsibility and I accepted the ramifications of what transpired in my past. However, today it is with great joy I can tell a piece of my story. This is just a piece of the pie of my life’s trials and tribulations that I have endured but, yet I survived. I am beautiful, strong, courageous and bold in who I am today and I thank God for keeping me and I am humbled by my experiences. I forgive The Ex Factor because now I must allow my light to shine in a world of darkness that GOD may get the glory out of my life; no matter what I have been through I am alive to tell my story.

The situation with The Ex Factor could have taken me out but, God did not allow it to. The situation was meant to break me, but God allowed it to make me. The Ex Factor was meant to kill me, destroy me and assasinate my character….But when God is in it, there is no limit. I say to myself daily, no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper.

The Ex Factor ……….

I learned to never depsie my process but to find joy in the journey. The Ex Factor sometimes can provoke healing and change to take place and that is exactly what mine did.


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