What’s The Point??????

I often get asked the question why am I single, why am I saved and single when God honors marriage and why do I take my walk with God so serious? The only answer i can give anyone is whats the point of me being saved, single and celibate if I am not going to walk the walk that goes with the talk I talk???? What is the point of saving myself for marriage and waiting on and in God if I do not believe HIM and take HIM at HIS word concerning my life and HIS will for my life???

God gives me undeserved favor, HE gives me mercy and grace on a daily  basis  and yet I still falll short but not in those areas. I am far from perfect but nowhere near how I used to be and I owe that to the man upstairs. God gave HIS only begotten SON that I may live a life of freedom, abundance, overflow, peace, love and joy so why not live a life souled out to HIM and while I am at it receive healing, the fruits of the spirit,the gifts of the spirit, protection and I can go on and on. He has been better to me than I can ever be to myself. It took me a long time to get where I am spiritually and now that I am here, I will not go back.

Being single is not easy, but what’s the point in believing God for a mate that will be a blessing and not a curse if I do the norm of an average person., I do have balance but I am not afraid to tell people that I do not club, drink, smoke nor have sex before marriage any longer because GOD delivered me. I am so glad to be free. The hell I endured when I was not saved and when I did backslide, I can not afford to miss GOD anymore. My life is a teestimony and being single and saved adn celibate gives hope to other singles that it is possible. It is worth the wait. It is rewarding to you but pleasing to GOD when we wait on HIM. What is the point of being saved if you know in your heart you would willingly have pre-marital sex, club, smoke,, drink and a slew of other activities that hurts GOD???? I know, I k now, most people say; GOD knows my heart adn HE knows my struggle. To me those are excuses when you know better. BEcause you know better,, you should be better. I understand babes in Christ are still growing adn those who are nelwy converted are still growing and learning but those of us who outright know the truth and the bible and are being taught adn have been taught for a while, WE KNOW BETTER!

Certain individuals like to go  back and forth with me concerning these topics but there is no need because I have scripture to back it up and that is that. I do not bother, not love them any less because no matter what, because of who I am in GOD, I must stand up for what is right adn I do not judge but however I do not sugar coat anything to spare your feelings because do you spare the feelings of GOD when you open your legs to have sex with a man that is not your husband or a woman that is not your wife???? Do you spare the heart of God every time you curse someone out, belittle the next person or don’t pay your tithes???? So, with that being said what is the point of receiving salvation if you are going to just play games with yourself because trust me, you are not and can never play GOD, you will only set yourself up to get played by the devil himself.

What’s the point of half way livng right? what purpose does it serve?  Do you half do your job at work? No, because you want that paycheck at the end of the week. Do you half raise your kids? No, because you want them to grow up and be somebody in life. Does GOD half way bless you, protect you, keep you or cover you???? NO! So, why are you skimming GOD on living righteous and holy???

I am saved, single, celibate and proud because finally I am living a life I can be at peace with and I am pleasing my heavenly father. I am setting myself up to be blessed and to be ablessing to others. This is why I live for The Lord.

That is my point…….



In My Heart……

In my heart, I wish and pray daily for all singles that want true  love that they shall find just that. Including myself! Yes, i tooo prayed for God to sustain me until He sends me my mate, but I too want a real love in my heart. In my heart, while being single…I will wait on the Lord, be of good cheer and focus on ministry &my career. Has it been easy? NO! but has it been worth it? YES! so many men inbox me on Facebook adn try to date me, so many men approach me while I am out &about, so many men are afraid to approach me because I am saved, for real about my walk with Christ and they feel maybe they just do not measure up to the par. Ihave had some men go off on me because they say I am too holy because I will not lower my standards&that it is all baout God and that I wont slep with them before marriage. Well…..Oh well and goodbye

Whatever the case may be, I am sure I am not the only one this happens too, male and female. Sometimes it is funny and other times, I am looking at those emails like. “really dude”. A for effort maybe but all in all, an F for the lack of communication and the fact I can see through the lies or the make believe life you are portraying. One thing I can say is never feel like texting me all day is a way to get to know me, nor emailing me constantly on Facebook nor liking my pictures on Instagram.

I am sure I am not the only one who experiences these situations. Ladies and gentleman, the best way to see if they are sincere is invite them to church, but not only invite them to church but allow them to meet your spiritual parents! Ask about his prayer life, what is his communication skills like or lack? Does he serve in ministry, is he responsible on his job & how does he treat his mother and mother of his kids if he has any?


I am not saying it is not okay to date, however use wisdom and discernment. In my heart, I want whats best for you all , but guess what GOD wants what is best for you too!!! Wait on God and experience the best HE has in store for you. Never settle becuase you are tired of waiting, never settle because it looks the part! Never settle based on his or her finances. it is more to it than that.

I finally am at a point where I dont mind waiting on GOD or waiting IN GOD. I have dated all the Mr.Wrongs, Mr. Magoo’s, Mr. Pretty Boy and the list goes on, but  today, I am in love with Jesus and I love myself!!!! I love me some me!!!!

In my heart I want what GOD has for me. In my heart I want what is best for my fellow singles because we deserve it and we should want it for ourselves as well. In my heart I believe GOD will bless our waiting period. HE has not forgotten about us singles!!!!


In my heart I do know that as we study the word of GOD and becoime closer to HIM, HE will order our steps to meet the right person at the right time in the right season of our lives, I do belive waitng on GOD will allow us to be free from heartache and pain that is unneccesary and harmful to us spiritually and physically. I do believe that in waitng we will blessed beyond our wildest dreams and GOD wille xceed our expectations! Waiting is a process that proves patience.


God has not forsaken us nor left us, even in those lonely m oments you are not alone. never get impatient because of lonliness! Wait on GOD. I believe in my heart that what God has for you is worth the wait. You are worth the wait and be not discoraged because your latter shall be greater than your former.

I do believe in my heart that when a MAN finds a Wife he finds a good thing adn obtains favor with the Lord, so with that being said; ladies allow that man of God to find you. be patient, be still and know that HE is GOD.


Singles; Your Past Does Not Define You……

Your past does not define you. No matter how many relationships you have been in, no matter how many times you’ve been cast out or down trodden. No matter what you’ve done, who you’ve hurt or who has hurt you; your past does not define you!!!!

No matter what people say, no matter what they think, who they are nor where they come from or their financial status. You are not defined by your past!!! Hold your head up high, love yourself and your life and know that you are forgiven and move forward. Put a smile on your face, embrace positive energy daily and surround yourself with positive people who don’t judge you based on your past, people who don’t look down on you, people who are not afraid of your beautiful and bright future, people who are not fickle, people who pray with and for you, people who embrace you with all your flaws and people who are genuine.

Your past was mean to teach you lessons, to help you mature and to develop you into God predestined you to be. God knew you would make all the mistakes you made before He formed you in the womb of your mother. He knew you would face hardship, He knew you would lie, she,e ad be deceitful. He knew you would face being homeless, no job, no car and without a dime in your pocket living with other people. Guess what??? God also knew He could trust with His anointing, He also knew He would turn your mess into a powerful message, He also knew that He could and would wipe away and forgive your sins. That’s why He sent His only son to die on the cross so that you and I could live and be redeemed back to Christ.

As you grow and mature in life, as you learn lessons, as you become the man or woman God planned for you to be, embrace it and don’t allow anyone who is afraid of your future and the success it will have burden you with their thoughts and opinions of your past. Tell them you no longer life their so why do they? Who are they to judge you and ridicule you? Everybody has a past. Get over it because you are moving forward.

And if in fact you are single, no worries. Allow God to heal you and develop you and bless you, as you are focused on God and ministry and living a golden life, God will send the the perfect individual that’s just right for you to come into your life and be everything you ever wanted, desired and prayed for in a mate.

Until next time, I love you all and God bless!!!

Singles Surrendering All


We should be so hidden in God that our mates have to seek God to find us. Get caught up in God that even if He never allows you to get married, you will still trust Him even the more. Ministry is more than going to church. You may be the only God someone else may ever see.


Are you “Feeling Yourself”????

If not, what is stopping you from loving every bit of who you are????
If not, who is beating you down emotionally and mentally?????? And why have you allowed it????
If not, is it fear of who and what you can really become???
If not, is it because you’re single and feeling rejected????
If not, is it because none of your past relationships have worked out???
If to, have you been in an abusive relationship???
If not, has it been hard to bounce back from a lay off???
If not, is it because your bills are behind???
If not, what is it that’s keeping you from being all you can???
If not, don’t you know that God is not pleased????

God created you to beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of himself. God hand made you to be great, beautiful and successful. He created you to be SOMEBODY and to let your light shine so bright that your very essence has a glow as you move to and from in this life. So, you should be feeling yourself.

I don’t mean for you to be conceited, arrogant,prideful or judgemental. I mean to own who you are. To carry yourself as royalty. Yes, I said royalty because you are an heir to the kingdom of God. You are royalty. You are a Kings kid, and you can not continue to settle for less or even treat yourself in a lowly manner as if you don’t deserve what God says you can have.

You should be feeling yourself knowing that God is on your side, He has your best interest at heart and He wants to give you nothing but the best. That applies in your career, your dreams, your life, your personal life and in ministry. God said He will withhold no good thing from you. You mean that much to Him that He wants to give you what you NEED and what you WANT.

Are you confident enough to believe it??? Are you confident enough to know that you have a right to have what God says you can have. Do you have enough faith to know that if you just believe it you can have it??? If not, we need to change that today so you can start feeling yourself and feeling the love God has for you.

What will it take to get you motivated and going in the right direction??? What will it take to get your mind focused on the things of God? What will it take to make you believe you deserve all good and godly things in your life??? A vision board maybe??? A prayer life maybe??? A life coach??? A membership at a gym??? A new hairstyle or a new wardrobe??? Whatever it is, get to working on it ASAP!!!

Surround yourself with positive people and energy. Write little sticky notes of affirmation and post them all around your house. Send yourself a daily reminder on your phone that you are beautiful. Walk with your head held high. Have a confident stride about yourself. Smile more, laugh often and know that you are loved. Do what ever it takes to start feeling yourself. Always remain prayerful and read your bible if its just one scripture a day. It keeps your mind clear and focused so that you can always be in a state of mind where you’re feeling yourself. Don’t allow nobody and I mean nobody to make you feel bad because your light is shining, you’re smiling and doing your thing!!!

Never dim your light that others may shine. No no no!!!!! That’s not God, that’s the devil. And if others choose not to be around you because you are feeling yourself, exclude yourself altogether and know that God will send the right people in your life at the right time to help you celebrate yourself and your new found freedom.

It’s time to start feeling yourself, feel good about yourself and take care of yourself.

Take time out today and reevaluate the things in your life, your mindset, your attitude and if you really have any self love and if you know your self worth. Take this time to decide that you are worth every bit of happiness, growth and blessings that God has given you the right to have. Make better choices concerning your life, start to travel and enjoy this life of yours. After all, you only have one.

I hope this day becomes day one of a new you, a new life and you truly begin to start Feeling Yourself!!!! Peace, Love and Joy!!!

New Life

There is nothing wrong with starting a fresh, new life. There comes a point in your life where what you have been doing just doesn’t work anymore. At some point, things get old, things get boring and some things and people you just simply outgrow. When you’re at this point, what do you do??? Start a New Life for You.

Change is good, when it is to better yourself. Change is good when it creates a better environment for you. Change is inevitable when you begin to grow, your mindset begins to change and you decide that you want more out of life itself. Change is bound to happen, has to happen when you begin to live your dreams and make them a reality.

When you go from single to married, things change. When you go from an apartment to a house things change. When you go from walking to having your own car, things change. Seasons change and life itself changes. So you see change is inevitable in every aspect. If you don’t change, you will become stuck and stagnated. Nothing happens in this state but misery.

Sometimes, most times, often times, when YOU begin to change the people around you begin to change because they are uncomfortable with YOUR change that’s going to make YOUR life better for YOU. Either they will adjust and respect and still love you or they will begin to act funny and distance themselves. So, the saying, “no new friends” doesn’t always apply. But you have to be confident in who you are and the decisions you’ve made to stand your ground and keep moving forward! Don’t allow nothing and no one to keep you bound to a life that sis not work for YOU but it works for them. Nobody has time for that!

Always keep in mind that strangers will celebrate you before friends will support you! Be not dismayed and be encouraged because with God all things are possible, you have a bright future ahead of you and good and godly things will come into your life because you had enough courage to live your dreams, so they have to become reality.

A new life awaits you. A new life welcomes you and a new life may be just what you need to feel better about yourself. A new move, to a new city, a new atmosphere, a new scene and yes maybe new friends. If you don’t do anything else in life, do you! Especially when it benefits you, makes you a better person, a better business person and it brings you peace,love and joy. Be encouraged to live your dreams on this day. Those dreams will allow you to embrace a brand New Life.

These are words I spoke to myself this morning.

Why Not????

Who says being single is a bad thing??? Who says that it’s not okay to be single, in love with self and the life you live and actually enjoy it??? Who says that a single person is unhappy and miserable without a mate???

In my opinion, Why Not be single???? Why Not live life to the fullest while being single??? This morning I realized that I’m in the prime of my life. I’m a single mother of one college aged son and I have more dreams to accomplish and achieve. I’ve tried the dating scene, I’ve tried dating the saved and unsaved, I’ve been encouraged to try the dating sites, in which I couldn’t. Today I realized that nothing else matters at this moment in my life other than my happiness!

Why Not embrace my right now? Why Not fall in love right where I am today? Why Not chase after my dreams even the more and do everything I ever wanted to do??? Can you ask yourself the same question? Can you fall in love with yourself and do whatever you want to do without being tied down,without having to ask or consider another person and without having personal deadlines or times to be here nor there??? Why Not just do you??? What’s so bad about being single??? Sure we get those every now and again, quick but short feelings of oh that couple is adorable or I wish I had a date to watch this movie, but Lord knows I would rather wait for whoever that perfect somebody is for me than to settle ever again. What about you guys??? I don’t want a mate just to have a mate, yet I’m miserable. I don’t want a man just to have a hand to hold or a neck to hug just to say I have one. What about you guys???? How do you feel regarding the single life??? How are you enjoying or not the single life???

I’m happy for those who have someone and they are truly happy. But I’m also happy for myself because today, I’m on a mission to be happy being single. I’m on a mission to accomplish every goal, make every dream a reality and use this me time to get to know me a whole lot better. I hope other singles can relate to what I’m saying and feeling. I hope singles realize it is actually a blessing to be single and live a full abundant life. Don’t think marriage is all about sex. It’s real life work and ministry. You are dealing with this person 24/7 and that’s 365 days a year. Year after year. So please I encourage if you are seeking marriage, take your time and enjoy your singleness. It’s okay to date, take it day by day. Maybe you guys were meant to be just friends. However, this single life is all about how you make it out to be. It can either be fabulous and fierce or it can miserable and mundane.

Make it a life that others are confused by your single happiness, joy,love and laughter. Although, life can give you a hundred reasons to frown, take the other thousand reasons you have to smile and do just that; SMILE!

Why Not be happy, loving,joyful,bold and beautiful all up in your singleness????
Why Not be all you can be as a single individual??
Why Not make single look fabulous honey????

Being single isn’t about dating everyone who asks you out, being single is about getting to know YOU and making single beautiful.

What’s your opinion on the single life???

Why Not join the movement ??? The Single Movement, at least until God sends you who He has for you??!

Soul Cry

Because my struggle is real
You stand there and gloat
Emotionally abused by you
So there’s a lump in my throat

My truths are my scars
That I wear oh so proud
I dig deep in my strength
As my soul cries aloud

Put your foot on my neck
While I’m already down
Last time I checked
God smiles on me as you frown

My perseverance pisses you off
In the worst possible way
My faith in God and my strong prayer life
Will forever stand in your way
Of hate, Ill-will and all your snide remarks
My past is over and a great future I shall embark
Upon a journey so real and destined by Him
Been delivered from my iniquities
So I stay killing’em

A car don’t make me
A lay off can’t break me
My foundation is not that of a house
But the word of God that’ll bless me with a bigger house
Following His lead
It’s impossible for me to go wrong
Now I know why the caged bird sings
And I too have a new song
I’m spreading my wings and yes I choose to fly
F.L.Y——-> yes, Finally Loving Me (Yourself)
As my soul cries out
No weapon formed against me
Although you do try

My soul is all cried out
No more of my soul crying out
No more pain, no more fear
You’ve had the last say so
Until now my dear

Watch what God is doing in me
Touch not mine anointed
Are the words to my story
Covered in HIS glory

I walk with my head held high
My soul just can’t cry
I walk in the unadulterated truth of God
His word will not lie

I am who God says I am
I am beautifully and wonderfully created in Him
I shall soar like an eagle
I am blessed
I am the head
I am the lender
I am above
I am healed
I am free

No more soul cry………

Mind over Matter

It has to be mind over matter when it comes to dealing with life. In life there will be ups, downs, ins and outs. In life there will be heartache and pain. In life there will be torment and adversity. In life, you may fall down. In life you may have to deal with some uncomfortable situations from time to time. The key to overcoming these small setbacks is to that’ve a made up mind that no matter what comes your way, you will overcome.

This is mind over matter. Having a mindset that will allow you to see yourself in a better place way before you get there. Having a mindset to not allow the last heartbreak take you out and leave you bound. Have a mindset that the best is yet to come. No matter how hard a breakup or divorce may have been or still may be; it is all in your mind. What you think in your mind, is what becomes your reality. So if you continue to allow pain, hurt,tears and sadness to consume you, that’s your everyday reality. If you allow that job and the fact that you hate it or you do not get along with your boss, guess what? Mind over matter, you need to either change it or endure the chaotic environment you are creating at work. I say you are creating it because no one can destroy your mood or day unless you allow them too. You hand over that power, you give them the keys to your happy place and they are not even thinking twice about you. If they are ; they are laughing because they know how to get to you.

Mind over matter is when you decide that no longer will you allow toxic people into your life and drain your joy. Mind over matter is when you begin to love yourself enough to know that you deserve better and you actually start looking out for you. Mind over matter is when you decide to leave that abusive relationship and start getting help and getting healed. Mind over matter is looking in the mirror And facing the truth that there are some things that need to be changed And actually working towards those changes.

Mind over matter is deciding to enjoy life, your life and not worried about what others have to say about it. Mind over matter is starting a savings account and working towards buying your first home. It’s all in the mind.

In the mind is where it all starts. You can think negative and always be in the negative or you can think positive and always be in the positive. You create your day. You create your atmosphere and you control your destiny. Once you line up with the will of God for your life, all good and godly things become available to you.

Will you make up your mind today and start that business, that mentoring program, that boutique, write that book, go to church, get saved, live free, live in abundance and live a good life. It is all mind over matter. Create a vision board and everything you desire and aspire to be and do, cut out pictures from magazine and paste them on there, write your goals on the board and pray over it.keep it in a place where you can see it daily to remind you to not give up and not to give in. Every time you accomplish one goal, take it off and replace it with a new one or several.

This will help you to stay focused, driven and work towards a better life.
Be encouraged and know that with God all things are possible and it is Mind Over Matter.

Define Your Destiny

This is a repost of something I wrote in 2011. I am reporting because I wanted to encourage not only myself this morning; but everyone who reads my blog on today. I hope it touches you and I pray you will begin to define your destiny. YOU Define Your Destiny!

Exodus 14:21-22
Then Moses stretched out his hand over the seas, and all that night The Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground. It was a wall of water on their right and their left.

History often remembers people because of a defining moment that took place int their life. There are good and bad defining moments. Israel had a defining moment when they crossed the Jordan river and stepped into the Promised Land. Moses had a defining moment when he parted the Red Sea with his staff.

How would you like to be remembered???? Is there a defining moment in your life in which others will associate your name???

One of Jesus’ disciples is known as “Doubting Thomas” because Thomas doubted that Jesus had truly come back from the dead and he needed Jesus to show the nail marks in His hands and His side. He will forever be associated with the fact he doubted that Jesus was resurrected and the fact he doubted who He was at that moment in time.

For most of us we can still define our moments for the future. God may yet have a defining moment when you will discover something new or see the hand of God move in your life in a new dimension. I believe God likes defining moments because it takes our faith in Him to new levels and reignites the fire within to tell people about Jesus!!!