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In Your Opinion…..

How soon is too soon to make it official??? When you are dating and after a while, you finally know that this person whether male or female could be worth a relationship; how soon is too soon to make that person your significant other???

I’ve heard some men say that they would rather continue as friends because they are casually dating more than one female or because they are afraid of commitment or because of career decisions.

I’ve heard some women say that being single has become comfortable, some say that being single prevents them from heartache and that they would rather wait on the man to step up and say something.

Now, some Christian men prefer the woman to remain subtle and allow him to make the initiative. I’ve heard some men say that they prefer the woman to say something first only because they want to make sure they are on one accord regarding their next move, if any.

What do you think as a single Christian male or female??? What’s your opinion on dating and making it official???

Some men or women get so caught up in the affairs of the church that they don’t make time for a mate. Now,as singles we are suppose to take care of the ministry and the kingdom because we’re single, however if you are dating please date someone who understands ministry and are willing to join you and do it together because God honors that. He sees that you two are keeping Him first and HE will bless the relationship and soon to be marriage. But, if it gets to the point where there is no balance, something is off. It is ok to go to the movies, bowling,skating, double dates, walks in the park,etc. you must have fun as a Christian too. Laugh and smile and relax, just keep God first! It’s called BALANCE.

I personally believe that when you do finally meet Mr.Right or Mrs.Right and not “right now” and the both of you have made it really clear and have communicated well on what the two of you expect concerning the future, money, kids, spirituality and marriage then you should go from there. Whether it is just friends or more. Never date anyone who just wants to “casually” date if you’re looking for a husband or wife. That’s wasting your time and energy. Be mad at no one but yourself. Never date anyone who doesn’t believe in the same thing as you and especially if you’re saved and they are not. Light can not dwell in darkness. Don’t set yourself up for heartache and pain. It’s simply not worth it.

I have just begun to date again after taking a sabbatical; I’m a single mom of one. My son is in college and so I don’t have any major responsibilities and I don’t have to worry about getting back to the kids, finding a babysitter or baby daddy drama. Lol! Me and my sons father actually get along very well even through our ups and downs. It hasn’t always been this way but thank God for forgiveness. I am taking this time to get my business established and get my credit somewhat together. I want to be able to be a Proverbs 31 Woman and be a help mate and not a hindrance when I meet my future husband. So, when I date I try not to date anyone who has small kids or baby mama drama and I definitely don’t date anyone who is not saved!!! I tried it and please believe me it does not work!!! I was miserable as hell! Yes, I said it and I’m still saved! I believe in keeping it honest an real. Also, It pushed me outside of the will of God and that’s one place I never want to be ever again!!! I’m safe in HIS arms. God covers me and protects me, but when we step outside His will we are uncovered and we set ourselves up for destructions and downfalls. Who has time for that???? Not me and you don’t either. This is my opinion based on past experiences.

When dating, never date someone who doesn’t love God more than they love you. Because if they put you before God, you both are in danger because now the other person has made you their God. Scary, scary place to be so be careful in that area.

I really would like to know your opinion and in the near future ill put together an open panel discussion forum for all to come out and discuss and share your thoughts and opinions in the Atlanta area.

Please feel free to email me of you’re interested in joining me to put it together and make it happen @adriennekdesigns@gmail.com

For now, lets chat and see what the issue is with the saying,”love at first sight”. I’ve known some people who meet, fall in love and get married within a year or two. That’s only of they keep God first and allow God to lead them. They did not mess up, have sex before marriage and they kept God first in all things. I’ve known some people who meet, get married and don’t last because they put the cart before the horse and moved ahead of God.

So, again, what’s your opinion whether you are saved or not because sometimes the “world” gets it right as where some Christians still fall short in their thinking when it comes to relationships and marriage. Is it love or is it lust??? At the end of the day the fact still remains God ordained sex for marriage whether we’ve fell short or not. Yes God is forgiving but, scripture does not lie that’s not like God. Sex is and always has been ordained for marriage, a man and a woman from the beginning of time. Gods word will never change, we must change and line up with His word. Bottom line.

I’ll go into Soul Ties on tomorrow’s post because we have to understand that when we sleep and have sex with another person who is not our husband or wife, we invite demonic spirits that tie to our soul and mess us up! It’s real, demons are real and we have to stop pretending we don’t know and if you don’t, you will after tomorrow! Once you know you are held accountable for being obedient to the word of God.

With or Without


Knowing that God makes you whole and that even in your brokenness, He can and will mend those pieces back together. He never brings two broken people together. He never brings a broken person to a whole person. That is us and our doing. It never works out either, if it does….I’m sure it has been more hell that joy.

God will at the appointed time bring him or her into your life and it will be blessed and it shall not fail. Never think that another Individual can complete you, that’s too much work for them and they re not GOD. Allow GOD to heal you, make you whole and then wait on the man to come or wait until God say “son, that’s her.”

The bible says, he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor with The Lord. Ladies , wait!!! Stop moving ahead of God and use discernment when guys approach you. Men, use wisdom when seeking your mate because God is not a man that He should lie. He knows the plans He has for you, to prosper you and not harm you.

Be made whole through HIM and in HIM and see the salvation of The Lord.

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Through These Eyes

Through these eyes, I can see myself in a better place, a better environment, a life of hope and success. Through these eyes, I believe I can conquer the world, I can achieve anything and I can be exactly who God says I can be. Daily I take steps to make my dreams come true. Whether they are small or big, I make them. Whether they are free or costly, I make them. No matter how far fetched they seem, I believe and have faith that with God all things are possible.

I believe in ME and I know that I shall accomplish all I put my mind too. I have come to far to give up now and I do trust that God did not bring me this far to leave me.

Through your eyes, what do you see concerning your life. How do you perceive yourself??? When you look in the mirror do you really see someone you truly love, adore and someone you can look up too??? It doesn’t matter as much as what others think about you as much as what you think about yourself. How you see yourself is very important because it plays a vital role in your psychic. In your mind is where it all starts. The mind is a battlefield. If you do not fight to think positive about yourself, you lose the battle. If you do not fight to keep positive thoughts and affirm yourself daily or even throughout the day, you’ve lost the war.

Through those eyes of yours,you should see greatness, beauty,success, love,joy and hope. Through those eyes of yours, you should see God and the love of God. You should see a brighter tomorrow. You should see a person that will never give up on self. You should see a person who embraces the good and the bad and the ugly but be able to still stand and know that where you come from doesn’t dictate where you can go!!!!!

When you begin to see and believe in the greatness within,that is when others around you begin to believe in the greatness as well. When you look through your eyes and see that you are a blessing and a gift,you begin to treat yourself better. You begin to appreciate YOU and take better care of you. Then the atmosphere shifts and the universe aligns with how you feel about yourself and you begin to experience all good and Godly things. Blessings begin to come, doors begin to open and favor falls upon you.

Life is what you make it and how you perceive your life to be. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Don’t block your own blessings. Don’t step on your own toes. Don’t put yourself down. Build yourself up, encourage yourself, love yourself and know that if God be for you, He is more than the world against you.

Knowing Who YOU Are!!!!

Knowing WHO YOU are and being that is a beautiful thing and a beautiful place to be in your life!!!
Many times we may fall into this place of self hate, low self esteem and have no confidence because of what you have been through, going through or what someone has said to you. The first step to recovery is acknowledging the fact you messed up somewhere down the line. The second step is self forgiveness and the third step is loving who God created you to be; flaws and all.

No matter your background, history or where you are from; God still has need of you. You have a story to tell, a testimony and a God given right to live life in an abundance of love and the fullness of it. Do not allow others opinions to define who you are. Do not allow the looks of their faces to intimidate you. Go boldly in the things of God and your life. Stand on the word of God and know who you are. God created you to be beautiful. God created you to be blessed. God created you to be righteous and holy and have the best out of life.

I will not tell you that it’s always easy, it’s not. I will not say that there isn’t a fight, there is.i will not say it doesn’t take prayer, persistence and perseverance; it does. But if God be for you (and HE is ) HE is MORE than the world against you.

When it comes to not knowing your worth and having low self-esteem; you allow so many wrong individuals into your space, life and spirit. You allow yourself years of torment that you just simply do not have to subject yourself too. If someone does not recognize your worth, don’t try to force them too. It’s their loss and keep it moving. If someone tries to belittle you, tell them kick rocks and keep it moving. If someone tries to change who God created you to be, run for your life. They are not meant to be in your life. Never compromise who you are for the approval of others. Never feel bad for having standards. Never dim your light so others can shine. Bump that!!! Be who GOD called you to be and be fierce in it. Smile no matter what because it confuses the enemy and your enemies!

Learn to create your day! Learn to wake up and encourage yourself. Learn to pray more and talk less. Learn to listen quickly and be slow to speak. Learn that everything that looks good is not good for you. Learn to use wisdom to prevent failures. Learn to acknowledge God in ALL things and He shall direct your paths. Learn to have a right relationship with God and then true godly love will find you. The Bible declares that He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from The Lord. So, don’t go out looking for love, if you seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness,then ALL other things shall be added unto you. That means, love, riches, honor and blessings. It means healing,peace, joy and grace. Matthew 6:33 is a good place to start if you were wondering where to start and how to begin this journey of becoming who God created you to be.

There is power within and power in your prayers. There is more power when you combine both. Know WHO you are. Stop settling because others are intimidated by your anointing and gifts from God. Stop hiding and going into a shell because others can’t stand your light. You are doing yourself a great disservice by not being who God called you to be. Live those dreams, bring those visions to pass, never give up on YOU again and be confident in the things God has spoken into your life!!! Build your brand, create those designs, draw,write,be artistic,be who God called you to be. The world needs whatever you have on the inside of you. Go back to school, start those businesses and be fierce and fabulous in it. Get into ministry, seek God like never before, be confident, have faith and know that with God all things are possible!!!

Know Who YOU are and walk in it.

Letting Go

You can wake up one day and feel like something is truly missing. One day you can look in the mirror and feel as if you haven’t quite accomplished all your dreams and goals. You may just wake up and see that what you thought you were missing, was really out of your life for a reason. All of these feelings are just that; feelings. It is ok to express these feelings, it is okay to identify with your emotions, but don’t lose control. If you’re on the path to happiness, growth and prosperity; stay focused.

As you identify and go through the process of elimination, express yourself in such a way that you let to but still hold your power. Power is within you. You were created to be powerful and you were created to have a blessed and full life. You can not live that abundant life holding onto the past. Even when you feel like what is behind you may have a glimpse of hope in it. You must realize it is in the past for a reason. It did not work out for a reason or many reasons. Whether it or they was good, bad or ugly let it go. If you ever want to reach your full potential and live a full, blessed life you must LET GO!

Everyday when you wake up, welcome all good and Godly things into your life, mind and space. Anything that is not, let it go. You’re in a season of your life where you can be anything, have anything, go anywhere and reach the highest depth in God if you just let go of that which you are trying to hold on to and reach forward to that which God is trying to give you.

Letting go is a process for some and for others they can let go cold turkey and just LET GO! Either way, just do it. How bad do you desire greatness, success, liberty, spiritual freedom, blessings,healing and prosperity??? It is a process worth going through. It is a process that will give you a chance to have real love, achieve your dreams and write your visions and then live them out.

Letting go is giving yourself a chance to avoid heartache, disappointment, anger, deadness, and distractions. Letting go keeps you from being around negativity, it keeps your mind free from negative thoughts, it keeps you stress free, it keeps you headed in the right direction.

Some may say it is easier said than done, however it can be done. Push yourself to a breakthrough, don’t settle for less than you deserve in any area of your life. Be it your career, your business, your future mate or your finances. There is a life of greatness that awaits you. Why not go and get it??? Why cheat yourself out of an abundant life???

Let go of whatever is holding you back. Let go of anyone who does not mean any good, let go of any bad habits and watch what God does in your life. I can not tell you anything I have not experienced first hand.everything I write, say, type or text; I’ve been there and done it. I had to tell myself the very same thing and guess what, when I finally let go, God finally showed up and showed out in my life and this is just the beginning.

It is sometimes scary to let go only because it is comfortable to you and you are familiar with it. But, why not step outside your comfort zone and see what the end is gonna be?? Run on and see what is in store for you. Do a mirror check and see what you like, love and could improve. Don’t beat yourself up though. Embrace it and evolve into who God created you to be. There is a life awaiting you so please don’t let it pass you by.

Let Go and Let God…….

Heartbreak Hotel

The moment you realize that for so many years you carried around a burden due to heartache and pain of a past relationship that you hoped would work out, but unfortunately didn’t. At that moment, in that time you dig deep down inside and release what has held you captive for years and tears begin to stream down your face. You begin to think about why you held on to these emotions for so long. You begin to question yourself and why do you continue to love someone who left you so long ago. It is at that moment you realize that there was never any love lost just love abandoned due to a level of trust that had been broken. You ask yourself how do I begin to set myself free and where do I start. You hide the way you feel inside and you keep these emotions bottled up until they begin to weigh you down. Over time it has built up so much pressure until it feels almost unbearable to the point of heart burst instead of heartbreak. How do you hold a love so true within but never able to unleash it and share it with the one you truly love. No they’re not a bad person, they didn’t mean to hurt you however, circumstances did not allow love to partake between the two of you.

Every time you see the love of your life, it hurts to know that there is a possibility that things. May never work out between you two. Your heart smiles at the same time it hurts because the love doesn’t go away. You begin to think just maybe, this is why past relationships never worked out. Maybe this is why you found negativity in those past relationships and chose to leave. Maybe this is why you never trusted your heart with anyone else because you secretly hoped and prayed that end day you would be reunited with your true love, your first love…..

Sometimes all women want and desire the fairy tale ending but never receive it. When that happens they settle for less than they deserve. They date Mr.Wrong and accept the half a** emotional roller coaster of love and lies, deception and rejection, cheating and chaos. Sometimes women don’t realize they can have what God says they can have, they are entitled to true love, happiness and marriage. Women fail to realize not knowing your worth puts you in heartbreak hotel because you will continue to date the wrong one trying to replace the right one.

Heartbreak hotel….you can finally turn the lights out and close the door behind you and walk away a free, whole and beautiful individual once you are willing to let go of all your inhibitions, to be carefree about your love for your first love and make no worries about what “they”say. This is between you and God. This is love. God is love. Love covers a multitude of sin and love invites love. Love is a beautiful place to be in when it is with the love of your life.

Love casts out fear, love boots out hurt and love gives you a radiance unknown. Love lifts you higher and takes you to new dimensions in life. Love makes you live out your dreams and hopes and visions. Love is the epitome of GOD. Love opens you up to a whole new world and the atmosphere feeds off your love. It welcomes all good and godly things into your life. You attract who and what you are. Be love, share love and go get your love. That first love that never gave you a chance to express how you truly feel. Love life, love you and love LOVE…..

No more Heartbreak Hotel for you my love. Love embraces you , love awaits you and my love you are love.