Knowing Who YOU Are!!!!

Knowing WHO YOU are and being that is a beautiful thing and a beautiful place to be in your life!!!
Many times we may fall into this place of self hate, low self esteem and have no confidence because of what you have been through, going through or what someone has said to you. The first step to recovery is acknowledging the fact you messed up somewhere down the line. The second step is self forgiveness and the third step is loving who God created you to be; flaws and all.

No matter your background, history or where you are from; God still has need of you. You have a story to tell, a testimony and a God given right to live life in an abundance of love and the fullness of it. Do not allow others opinions to define who you are. Do not allow the looks of their faces to intimidate you. Go boldly in the things of God and your life. Stand on the word of God and know who you are. God created you to be beautiful. God created you to be blessed. God created you to be righteous and holy and have the best out of life.

I will not tell you that it’s always easy, it’s not. I will not say that there isn’t a fight, there is.i will not say it doesn’t take prayer, persistence and perseverance; it does. But if God be for you (and HE is ) HE is MORE than the world against you.

When it comes to not knowing your worth and having low self-esteem; you allow so many wrong individuals into your space, life and spirit. You allow yourself years of torment that you just simply do not have to subject yourself too. If someone does not recognize your worth, don’t try to force them too. It’s their loss and keep it moving. If someone tries to belittle you, tell them kick rocks and keep it moving. If someone tries to change who God created you to be, run for your life. They are not meant to be in your life. Never compromise who you are for the approval of others. Never feel bad for having standards. Never dim your light so others can shine. Bump that!!! Be who GOD called you to be and be fierce in it. Smile no matter what because it confuses the enemy and your enemies!

Learn to create your day! Learn to wake up and encourage yourself. Learn to pray more and talk less. Learn to listen quickly and be slow to speak. Learn that everything that looks good is not good for you. Learn to use wisdom to prevent failures. Learn to acknowledge God in ALL things and He shall direct your paths. Learn to have a right relationship with God and then true godly love will find you. The Bible declares that He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from The Lord. So, don’t go out looking for love, if you seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness,then ALL other things shall be added unto you. That means, love, riches, honor and blessings. It means healing,peace, joy and grace. Matthew 6:33 is a good place to start if you were wondering where to start and how to begin this journey of becoming who God created you to be.

There is power within and power in your prayers. There is more power when you combine both. Know WHO you are. Stop settling because others are intimidated by your anointing and gifts from God. Stop hiding and going into a shell because others can’t stand your light. You are doing yourself a great disservice by not being who God called you to be. Live those dreams, bring those visions to pass, never give up on YOU again and be confident in the things God has spoken into your life!!! Build your brand, create those designs, draw,write,be artistic,be who God called you to be. The world needs whatever you have on the inside of you. Go back to school, start those businesses and be fierce and fabulous in it. Get into ministry, seek God like never before, be confident, have faith and know that with God all things are possible!!!

Know Who YOU are and walk in it.


7 thoughts on “Knowing Who YOU Are!!!!

  1. This was a fantastic post! I am learning the value of knowing who I am and I’m sure that it will be no mistake that boundaries, standards, and actions will be close to follow. I’ve never embraced the idea of knowing who *I* am until I totally lost myself. What I’ve found is that the self that has been lost, needed to be set aside so that my authentic self could emerge. This is very, very hard for my husband to understand and he’s told me that I’m being selfish. I wish he understood, but he doesn’t. I don’t claim to fully understand either but maybe it’s not necessary. Maybe all I need to understand is that this is a necessary process. A willing death of the ego to make way for a better self, a more harmonious self. It is up to us to figure this out on an individual basis, however, reminders such as those you wrote above are a great assist.

    Thank you.


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