A Date With Destiny

You don’t have time to dwell on your past nor
Continue to allow others to force you to live there…..
You can no longer stand in awe at the things people may do, say or think

You my love, have a Date With Destiny.

No more tears of sadness or moments of grieving
Throw away the box of blues and open a new box called blessings
Count them daily and share with loved ones

You my love have a Date With Destiny.

Learn to love who you are, just the way you are
Embrace the change that God has allowed
Walk in your power and feel good about it

You my love, have a Date With Destiny.

There’s a newness that awaits you
A blessing with your name on it
A door you must open
An answer to your prayers
And beauty for your ashes

Because you my love, have a Date With Destiny.

No more drama or indecisiveness, no more hopeless days
Or sleepiness nights.
The time has come for you to walk in boldness to match your beauty

Out of darkness, free from the wilderness……
Roar like a lion, soar like an eagle
Run like a wild gazelle

Remain calm as a dove
Humble like no other
Dream as the visionary that you are
Possess that inner princess
Wear that crown

For you my love, my love, my dear sweet sister
You my queen, walking in that royal ambiance

Have Date With Destiny.

What. God has for you, IT IS FOR YOU and it’s written all over your face
You can see it in your walk
Hear it in your laugh
Feel it in your presence

That God has smiled on you
The moment you met your God given Destiny.

To all my single sisters, be encouraged and know that at the appointed time, Destiny will grace your presence and overtake you in abundance of Love, joy and peace. Wait on your destiny, walk in your destiny and allow your destiny to consume your very being, your very essence. For you my love………..

Have a Fate With Destiny.


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