New Beginnings……

Today I woke up and realized that I deserve so much more. I deserve to be in peace, to walk in love and to receive love, to receive everything God has in store for me. I woke up and realized that some people in my don’t deserve to be. I had allowed certain individuals into my life who had no business being here. Today I woke up with a made up mind to start fresh and give myself a new beginning.

I had one question for myself, “Why did I allow them into my personal space knowing beforehand that they NEVER belonged there in the first place?”.

I answered my question in all honesty and truth. Simply because I felt sorry for them, pitied them and decided to give them a green light. While the whole time in all honesty they bothered me, made met skin crawl and I was miserable with the friendship. So, today I woke up and realized that it is absolutely okay to say NO if I want too!

As my new beginning started this morning, it was somewhat frustrated because the change was uncomfortable. And as I began to pray and ask God for wisdom I clearly heard HIM say, “Be still and know that I am God”. That alone gave me reassurance that I was going to be okay. I am going to be better than okay. Allow the change to come, embrace the change and watch God work.

I can no longer afford to allow non factors into my space. People who drain you, weigh down on your spirit and has no spirituality, prayer or Holy Ghost in them to carry you in the spirit should never be allowed to walk into your life, take up space and reside in that place with no regards to your walk with God or the God you serve.

When I found myself in this space God had already had a way of escape for me. And because I did not want to hurt the individual, God set it up where they walked away. As soon as they did, it was like a weight was lifted, a sigh of relief came out and a smile across say face. I was so glad that it happened that way!!! All I could do was say “Thank You Jesus”!!!!!!

I asked God to direct to my steps, that His will be done and to keep my mind stayed on Him. He is my everything and He knows exactly what I need, want and desire. He is my Jehovah Jireh, my provider. My peace, my joy, my love, my King, my protector, my healer and I don’t see nothing wrong with simply waiting on my God to prove Himself to me day to day and moment to moment.

This has been an eye opening experience and a very well lesson learned. Today my new beginning has begun and today I am dependent upon God and God alone!

Thank You Lord!!!


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