They say faith is the substane of things hoped for adn the evidence of things not seen.
I do beg to differ because the bible clearly states that “NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”

There is a big difference in wording and a big difference in the word of God. The word of God is only effective if you properly speak the word just as God gives it and you must believe it in order to see the manifestation of HIS word come to pass in your life.

Now I said all that to say this; How long have you been waiting on God to send you a mate? being single is not easy nor hard but oh so necessary. God gives us according to scripture the desires of our heart. We shall reap if we faint not. How many times have you fained by settling for less than you deserve because you were impatient?

How many times asa single man or woman of God have you missed your Ruth or Boaz because you fainted during the process? Just becuase it may seem that God is taking to long to you, does notmean the promise has been denied. It simply means it has been delayed because God forsaw some things concerning you or the future mate. However, be not weary in your well doing because God’s word will not and can not lie.

You must do your part as well. Be prepared, get your credit somewhat together, have a plan, a vision, some goals and start a savings account.

When God looks at your life and how you are waiting in the process, it will either speed God up or slow Him down. it all depends on YOU! HOW you wait and what you are doing while you are waitng. Are you patient? Are you a complainer? Are you diligent in the things that God has required of you? Are you praying, fasting adn busy in minsitry? Is your house clean? Are you clean? These are steps in making sure you are at least half way there while you are waiting.

Don’t give up or do not give in. It is a process, a purging and pruning must be done in order to be developed into the man or woman God has predestined you to be.

You are in my prayers!

Luvv Kizzy…..


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