What’s The Point??????

I often get asked the question why am I single, why am I saved and single when God honors marriage and why do I take my walk with God so serious? The only answer i can give anyone is whats the point of me being saved, single and celibate if I am not going to walk the walk that goes with the talk I talk???? What is the point of saving myself for marriage and waiting on and in God if I do not believe HIM and take HIM at HIS word concerning my life and HIS will for my life???

God gives me undeserved favor, HE gives me mercy and grace on a daily  basis  and yet I still falll short but not in those areas. I am far from perfect but nowhere near how I used to be and I owe that to the man upstairs. God gave HIS only begotten SON that I may live a life of freedom, abundance, overflow, peace, love and joy so why not live a life souled out to HIM and while I am at it receive healing, the fruits of the spirit,the gifts of the spirit, protection and I can go on and on. He has been better to me than I can ever be to myself. It took me a long time to get where I am spiritually and now that I am here, I will not go back.

Being single is not easy, but what’s the point in believing God for a mate that will be a blessing and not a curse if I do the norm of an average person., I do have balance but I am not afraid to tell people that I do not club, drink, smoke nor have sex before marriage any longer because GOD delivered me. I am so glad to be free. The hell I endured when I was not saved and when I did backslide, I can not afford to miss GOD anymore. My life is a teestimony and being single and saved adn celibate gives hope to other singles that it is possible. It is worth the wait. It is rewarding to you but pleasing to GOD when we wait on HIM. What is the point of being saved if you know in your heart you would willingly have pre-marital sex, club, smoke,, drink and a slew of other activities that hurts GOD???? I know, I k now, most people say; GOD knows my heart adn HE knows my struggle. To me those are excuses when you know better. BEcause you know better,, you should be better. I understand babes in Christ are still growing adn those who are nelwy converted are still growing and learning but those of us who outright know the truth and the bible and are being taught adn have been taught for a while, WE KNOW BETTER!

Certain individuals like to go  back and forth with me concerning these topics but there is no need because I have scripture to back it up and that is that. I do not bother, not love them any less because no matter what, because of who I am in GOD, I must stand up for what is right adn I do not judge but however I do not sugar coat anything to spare your feelings because do you spare the feelings of GOD when you open your legs to have sex with a man that is not your husband or a woman that is not your wife???? Do you spare the heart of God every time you curse someone out, belittle the next person or don’t pay your tithes???? So, with that being said what is the point of receiving salvation if you are going to just play games with yourself because trust me, you are not and can never play GOD, you will only set yourself up to get played by the devil himself.

What’s the point of half way livng right? what purpose does it serve?  Do you half do your job at work? No, because you want that paycheck at the end of the week. Do you half raise your kids? No, because you want them to grow up and be somebody in life. Does GOD half way bless you, protect you, keep you or cover you???? NO! So, why are you skimming GOD on living righteous and holy???

I am saved, single, celibate and proud because finally I am living a life I can be at peace with and I am pleasing my heavenly father. I am setting myself up to be blessed and to be ablessing to others. This is why I live for The Lord.

That is my point…….



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