In My Heart……

In my heart, I wish and pray daily for all singles that want true  love that they shall find just that. Including myself! Yes, i tooo prayed for God to sustain me until He sends me my mate, but I too want a real love in my heart. In my heart, while being single…I will wait on the Lord, be of good cheer and focus on ministry &my career. Has it been easy? NO! but has it been worth it? YES! so many men inbox me on Facebook adn try to date me, so many men approach me while I am out &about, so many men are afraid to approach me because I am saved, for real about my walk with Christ and they feel maybe they just do not measure up to the par. Ihave had some men go off on me because they say I am too holy because I will not lower my standards&that it is all baout God and that I wont slep with them before marriage. Well…..Oh well and goodbye

Whatever the case may be, I am sure I am not the only one this happens too, male and female. Sometimes it is funny and other times, I am looking at those emails like. “really dude”. A for effort maybe but all in all, an F for the lack of communication and the fact I can see through the lies or the make believe life you are portraying. One thing I can say is never feel like texting me all day is a way to get to know me, nor emailing me constantly on Facebook nor liking my pictures on Instagram.

I am sure I am not the only one who experiences these situations. Ladies and gentleman, the best way to see if they are sincere is invite them to church, but not only invite them to church but allow them to meet your spiritual parents! Ask about his prayer life, what is his communication skills like or lack? Does he serve in ministry, is he responsible on his job & how does he treat his mother and mother of his kids if he has any?


I am not saying it is not okay to date, however use wisdom and discernment. In my heart, I want whats best for you all , but guess what GOD wants what is best for you too!!! Wait on God and experience the best HE has in store for you. Never settle becuase you are tired of waiting, never settle because it looks the part! Never settle based on his or her finances. it is more to it than that.

I finally am at a point where I dont mind waiting on GOD or waiting IN GOD. I have dated all the Mr.Wrongs, Mr. Magoo’s, Mr. Pretty Boy and the list goes on, but  today, I am in love with Jesus and I love myself!!!! I love me some me!!!!

In my heart I want what GOD has for me. In my heart I want what is best for my fellow singles because we deserve it and we should want it for ourselves as well. In my heart I believe GOD will bless our waiting period. HE has not forgotten about us singles!!!!


In my heart I do know that as we study the word of GOD and becoime closer to HIM, HE will order our steps to meet the right person at the right time in the right season of our lives, I do belive waitng on GOD will allow us to be free from heartache and pain that is unneccesary and harmful to us spiritually and physically. I do believe that in waitng we will blessed beyond our wildest dreams and GOD wille xceed our expectations! Waiting is a process that proves patience.


God has not forsaken us nor left us, even in those lonely m oments you are not alone. never get impatient because of lonliness! Wait on GOD. I believe in my heart that what God has for you is worth the wait. You are worth the wait and be not discoraged because your latter shall be greater than your former.

I do believe in my heart that when a MAN finds a Wife he finds a good thing adn obtains favor with the Lord, so with that being said; ladies allow that man of God to find you. be patient, be still and know that HE is GOD.



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