New Life

There is nothing wrong with starting a fresh, new life. There comes a point in your life where what you have been doing just doesn’t work anymore. At some point, things get old, things get boring and some things and people you just simply outgrow. When you’re at this point, what do you do??? Start a New Life for You.

Change is good, when it is to better yourself. Change is good when it creates a better environment for you. Change is inevitable when you begin to grow, your mindset begins to change and you decide that you want more out of life itself. Change is bound to happen, has to happen when you begin to live your dreams and make them a reality.

When you go from single to married, things change. When you go from an apartment to a house things change. When you go from walking to having your own car, things change. Seasons change and life itself changes. So you see change is inevitable in every aspect. If you don’t change, you will become stuck and stagnated. Nothing happens in this state but misery.

Sometimes, most times, often times, when YOU begin to change the people around you begin to change because they are uncomfortable with YOUR change that’s going to make YOUR life better for YOU. Either they will adjust and respect and still love you or they will begin to act funny and distance themselves. So, the saying, “no new friends” doesn’t always apply. But you have to be confident in who you are and the decisions you’ve made to stand your ground and keep moving forward! Don’t allow nothing and no one to keep you bound to a life that sis not work for YOU but it works for them. Nobody has time for that!

Always keep in mind that strangers will celebrate you before friends will support you! Be not dismayed and be encouraged because with God all things are possible, you have a bright future ahead of you and good and godly things will come into your life because you had enough courage to live your dreams, so they have to become reality.

A new life awaits you. A new life welcomes you and a new life may be just what you need to feel better about yourself. A new move, to a new city, a new atmosphere, a new scene and yes maybe new friends. If you don’t do anything else in life, do you! Especially when it benefits you, makes you a better person, a better business person and it brings you peace,love and joy. Be encouraged to live your dreams on this day. Those dreams will allow you to embrace a brand New Life.

These are words I spoke to myself this morning.


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