Why Not????

Who says being single is a bad thing??? Who says that it’s not okay to be single, in love with self and the life you live and actually enjoy it??? Who says that a single person is unhappy and miserable without a mate???

In my opinion, Why Not be single???? Why Not live life to the fullest while being single??? This morning I realized that I’m in the prime of my life. I’m a single mother of one college aged son and I have more dreams to accomplish and achieve. I’ve tried the dating scene, I’ve tried dating the saved and unsaved, I’ve been encouraged to try the dating sites, in which I couldn’t. Today I realized that nothing else matters at this moment in my life other than my happiness!

Why Not embrace my right now? Why Not fall in love right where I am today? Why Not chase after my dreams even the more and do everything I ever wanted to do??? Can you ask yourself the same question? Can you fall in love with yourself and do whatever you want to do without being tied down,without having to ask or consider another person and without having personal deadlines or times to be here nor there??? Why Not just do you??? What’s so bad about being single??? Sure we get those every now and again, quick but short feelings of oh that couple is adorable or I wish I had a date to watch this movie, but Lord knows I would rather wait for whoever that perfect somebody is for me than to settle ever again. What about you guys??? I don’t want a mate just to have a mate, yet I’m miserable. I don’t want a man just to have a hand to hold or a neck to hug just to say I have one. What about you guys???? How do you feel regarding the single life??? How are you enjoying or not the single life???

I’m happy for those who have someone and they are truly happy. But I’m also happy for myself because today, I’m on a mission to be happy being single. I’m on a mission to accomplish every goal, make every dream a reality and use this me time to get to know me a whole lot better. I hope other singles can relate to what I’m saying and feeling. I hope singles realize it is actually a blessing to be single and live a full abundant life. Don’t think marriage is all about sex. It’s real life work and ministry. You are dealing with this person 24/7 and that’s 365 days a year. Year after year. So please I encourage if you are seeking marriage, take your time and enjoy your singleness. It’s okay to date, take it day by day. Maybe you guys were meant to be just friends. However, this single life is all about how you make it out to be. It can either be fabulous and fierce or it can miserable and mundane.

Make it a life that others are confused by your single happiness, joy,love and laughter. Although, life can give you a hundred reasons to frown, take the other thousand reasons you have to smile and do just that; SMILE!

Why Not be happy, loving,joyful,bold and beautiful all up in your singleness????
Why Not be all you can be as a single individual??
Why Not make single look fabulous honey????

Being single isn’t about dating everyone who asks you out, being single is about getting to know YOU and making single beautiful.

What’s your opinion on the single life???

Why Not join the movement ??? The Single Movement, at least until God sends you who He has for you??!


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