Soul Cry

Because my struggle is real
You stand there and gloat
Emotionally abused by you
So there’s a lump in my throat

My truths are my scars
That I wear oh so proud
I dig deep in my strength
As my soul cries aloud

Put your foot on my neck
While I’m already down
Last time I checked
God smiles on me as you frown

My perseverance pisses you off
In the worst possible way
My faith in God and my strong prayer life
Will forever stand in your way
Of hate, Ill-will and all your snide remarks
My past is over and a great future I shall embark
Upon a journey so real and destined by Him
Been delivered from my iniquities
So I stay killing’em

A car don’t make me
A lay off can’t break me
My foundation is not that of a house
But the word of God that’ll bless me with a bigger house
Following His lead
It’s impossible for me to go wrong
Now I know why the caged bird sings
And I too have a new song
I’m spreading my wings and yes I choose to fly
F.L.Y——-> yes, Finally Loving Me (Yourself)
As my soul cries out
No weapon formed against me
Although you do try

My soul is all cried out
No more of my soul crying out
No more pain, no more fear
You’ve had the last say so
Until now my dear

Watch what God is doing in me
Touch not mine anointed
Are the words to my story
Covered in HIS glory

I walk with my head held high
My soul just can’t cry
I walk in the unadulterated truth of God
His word will not lie

I am who God says I am
I am beautifully and wonderfully created in Him
I shall soar like an eagle
I am blessed
I am the head
I am the lender
I am above
I am healed
I am free

No more soul cry………


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