Mind over Matter

It has to be mind over matter when it comes to dealing with life. In life there will be ups, downs, ins and outs. In life there will be heartache and pain. In life there will be torment and adversity. In life, you may fall down. In life you may have to deal with some uncomfortable situations from time to time. The key to overcoming these small setbacks is to that’ve a made up mind that no matter what comes your way, you will overcome.

This is mind over matter. Having a mindset that will allow you to see yourself in a better place way before you get there. Having a mindset to not allow the last heartbreak take you out and leave you bound. Have a mindset that the best is yet to come. No matter how hard a breakup or divorce may have been or still may be; it is all in your mind. What you think in your mind, is what becomes your reality. So if you continue to allow pain, hurt,tears and sadness to consume you, that’s your everyday reality. If you allow that job and the fact that you hate it or you do not get along with your boss, guess what? Mind over matter, you need to either change it or endure the chaotic environment you are creating at work. I say you are creating it because no one can destroy your mood or day unless you allow them too. You hand over that power, you give them the keys to your happy place and they are not even thinking twice about you. If they are ; they are laughing because they know how to get to you.

Mind over matter is when you decide that no longer will you allow toxic people into your life and drain your joy. Mind over matter is when you begin to love yourself enough to know that you deserve better and you actually start looking out for you. Mind over matter is when you decide to leave that abusive relationship and start getting help and getting healed. Mind over matter is looking in the mirror And facing the truth that there are some things that need to be changed And actually working towards those changes.

Mind over matter is deciding to enjoy life, your life and not worried about what others have to say about it. Mind over matter is starting a savings account and working towards buying your first home. It’s all in the mind.

In the mind is where it all starts. You can think negative and always be in the negative or you can think positive and always be in the positive. You create your day. You create your atmosphere and you control your destiny. Once you line up with the will of God for your life, all good and godly things become available to you.

Will you make up your mind today and start that business, that mentoring program, that boutique, write that book, go to church, get saved, live free, live in abundance and live a good life. It is all mind over matter. Create a vision board and everything you desire and aspire to be and do, cut out pictures from magazine and paste them on there, write your goals on the board and pray over it.keep it in a place where you can see it daily to remind you to not give up and not to give in. Every time you accomplish one goal, take it off and replace it with a new one or several.

This will help you to stay focused, driven and work towards a better life.
Be encouraged and know that with God all things are possible and it is Mind Over Matter.


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