In Your Opinion…..

How soon is too soon to make it official??? When you are dating and after a while, you finally know that this person whether male or female could be worth a relationship; how soon is too soon to make that person your significant other???

I’ve heard some men say that they would rather continue as friends because they are casually dating more than one female or because they are afraid of commitment or because of career decisions.

I’ve heard some women say that being single has become comfortable, some say that being single prevents them from heartache and that they would rather wait on the man to step up and say something.

Now, some Christian men prefer the woman to remain subtle and allow him to make the initiative. I’ve heard some men say that they prefer the woman to say something first only because they want to make sure they are on one accord regarding their next move, if any.

What do you think as a single Christian male or female??? What’s your opinion on dating and making it official???

Some men or women get so caught up in the affairs of the church that they don’t make time for a mate. Now,as singles we are suppose to take care of the ministry and the kingdom because we’re single, however if you are dating please date someone who understands ministry and are willing to join you and do it together because God honors that. He sees that you two are keeping Him first and HE will bless the relationship and soon to be marriage. But, if it gets to the point where there is no balance, something is off. It is ok to go to the movies, bowling,skating, double dates, walks in the park,etc. you must have fun as a Christian too. Laugh and smile and relax, just keep God first! It’s called BALANCE.

I personally believe that when you do finally meet Mr.Right or Mrs.Right and not “right now” and the both of you have made it really clear and have communicated well on what the two of you expect concerning the future, money, kids, spirituality and marriage then you should go from there. Whether it is just friends or more. Never date anyone who just wants to “casually” date if you’re looking for a husband or wife. That’s wasting your time and energy. Be mad at no one but yourself. Never date anyone who doesn’t believe in the same thing as you and especially if you’re saved and they are not. Light can not dwell in darkness. Don’t set yourself up for heartache and pain. It’s simply not worth it.

I have just begun to date again after taking a sabbatical; I’m a single mom of one. My son is in college and so I don’t have any major responsibilities and I don’t have to worry about getting back to the kids, finding a babysitter or baby daddy drama. Lol! Me and my sons father actually get along very well even through our ups and downs. It hasn’t always been this way but thank God for forgiveness. I am taking this time to get my business established and get my credit somewhat together. I want to be able to be a Proverbs 31 Woman and be a help mate and not a hindrance when I meet my future husband. So, when I date I try not to date anyone who has small kids or baby mama drama and I definitely don’t date anyone who is not saved!!! I tried it and please believe me it does not work!!! I was miserable as hell! Yes, I said it and I’m still saved! I believe in keeping it honest an real. Also, It pushed me outside of the will of God and that’s one place I never want to be ever again!!! I’m safe in HIS arms. God covers me and protects me, but when we step outside His will we are uncovered and we set ourselves up for destructions and downfalls. Who has time for that???? Not me and you don’t either. This is my opinion based on past experiences.

When dating, never date someone who doesn’t love God more than they love you. Because if they put you before God, you both are in danger because now the other person has made you their God. Scary, scary place to be so be careful in that area.

I really would like to know your opinion and in the near future ill put together an open panel discussion forum for all to come out and discuss and share your thoughts and opinions in the Atlanta area.

Please feel free to email me of you’re interested in joining me to put it together and make it happen

For now, lets chat and see what the issue is with the saying,”love at first sight”. I’ve known some people who meet, fall in love and get married within a year or two. That’s only of they keep God first and allow God to lead them. They did not mess up, have sex before marriage and they kept God first in all things. I’ve known some people who meet, get married and don’t last because they put the cart before the horse and moved ahead of God.

So, again, what’s your opinion whether you are saved or not because sometimes the “world” gets it right as where some Christians still fall short in their thinking when it comes to relationships and marriage. Is it love or is it lust??? At the end of the day the fact still remains God ordained sex for marriage whether we’ve fell short or not. Yes God is forgiving but, scripture does not lie that’s not like God. Sex is and always has been ordained for marriage, a man and a woman from the beginning of time. Gods word will never change, we must change and line up with His word. Bottom line.

I’ll go into Soul Ties on tomorrow’s post because we have to understand that when we sleep and have sex with another person who is not our husband or wife, we invite demonic spirits that tie to our soul and mess us up! It’s real, demons are real and we have to stop pretending we don’t know and if you don’t, you will after tomorrow! Once you know you are held accountable for being obedient to the word of God.


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