Letting Go

You can wake up one day and feel like something is truly missing. One day you can look in the mirror and feel as if you haven’t quite accomplished all your dreams and goals. You may just wake up and see that what you thought you were missing, was really out of your life for a reason. All of these feelings are just that; feelings. It is ok to express these feelings, it is okay to identify with your emotions, but don’t lose control. If you’re on the path to happiness, growth and prosperity; stay focused.

As you identify and go through the process of elimination, express yourself in such a way that you let to but still hold your power. Power is within you. You were created to be powerful and you were created to have a blessed and full life. You can not live that abundant life holding onto the past. Even when you feel like what is behind you may have a glimpse of hope in it. You must realize it is in the past for a reason. It did not work out for a reason or many reasons. Whether it or they was good, bad or ugly let it go. If you ever want to reach your full potential and live a full, blessed life you must LET GO!

Everyday when you wake up, welcome all good and Godly things into your life, mind and space. Anything that is not, let it go. You’re in a season of your life where you can be anything, have anything, go anywhere and reach the highest depth in God if you just let go of that which you are trying to hold on to and reach forward to that which God is trying to give you.

Letting go is a process for some and for others they can let go cold turkey and just LET GO! Either way, just do it. How bad do you desire greatness, success, liberty, spiritual freedom, blessings,healing and prosperity??? It is a process worth going through. It is a process that will give you a chance to have real love, achieve your dreams and write your visions and then live them out.

Letting go is giving yourself a chance to avoid heartache, disappointment, anger, deadness, and distractions. Letting go keeps you from being around negativity, it keeps your mind free from negative thoughts, it keeps you stress free, it keeps you headed in the right direction.

Some may say it is easier said than done, however it can be done. Push yourself to a breakthrough, don’t settle for less than you deserve in any area of your life. Be it your career, your business, your future mate or your finances. There is a life of greatness that awaits you. Why not go and get it??? Why cheat yourself out of an abundant life???

Let go of whatever is holding you back. Let go of anyone who does not mean any good, let go of any bad habits and watch what God does in your life. I can not tell you anything I have not experienced first hand.everything I write, say, type or text; I’ve been there and done it. I had to tell myself the very same thing and guess what, when I finally let go, God finally showed up and showed out in my life and this is just the beginning.

It is sometimes scary to let go only because it is comfortable to you and you are familiar with it. But, why not step outside your comfort zone and see what the end is gonna be?? Run on and see what is in store for you. Do a mirror check and see what you like, love and could improve. Don’t beat yourself up though. Embrace it and evolve into who God created you to be. There is a life awaiting you so please don’t let it pass you by.

Let Go and Let God…….


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