Heartbreak Hotel

The moment you realize that for so many years you carried around a burden due to heartache and pain of a past relationship that you hoped would work out, but unfortunately didn’t. At that moment, in that time you dig deep down inside and release what has held you captive for years and tears begin to stream down your face. You begin to think about why you held on to these emotions for so long. You begin to question yourself and why do you continue to love someone who left you so long ago. It is at that moment you realize that there was never any love lost just love abandoned due to a level of trust that had been broken. You ask yourself how do I begin to set myself free and where do I start. You hide the way you feel inside and you keep these emotions bottled up until they begin to weigh you down. Over time it has built up so much pressure until it feels almost unbearable to the point of heart burst instead of heartbreak. How do you hold a love so true within but never able to unleash it and share it with the one you truly love. No they’re not a bad person, they didn’t mean to hurt you however, circumstances did not allow love to partake between the two of you.

Every time you see the love of your life, it hurts to know that there is a possibility that things. May never work out between you two. Your heart smiles at the same time it hurts because the love doesn’t go away. You begin to think just maybe, this is why past relationships never worked out. Maybe this is why you found negativity in those past relationships and chose to leave. Maybe this is why you never trusted your heart with anyone else because you secretly hoped and prayed that end day you would be reunited with your true love, your first love…..

Sometimes all women want and desire the fairy tale ending but never receive it. When that happens they settle for less than they deserve. They date Mr.Wrong and accept the half a** emotional roller coaster of love and lies, deception and rejection, cheating and chaos. Sometimes women don’t realize they can have what God says they can have, they are entitled to true love, happiness and marriage. Women fail to realize not knowing your worth puts you in heartbreak hotel because you will continue to date the wrong one trying to replace the right one.

Heartbreak hotel….you can finally turn the lights out and close the door behind you and walk away a free, whole and beautiful individual once you are willing to let go of all your inhibitions, to be carefree about your love for your first love and make no worries about what “they”say. This is between you and God. This is love. God is love. Love covers a multitude of sin and love invites love. Love is a beautiful place to be in when it is with the love of your life.

Love casts out fear, love boots out hurt and love gives you a radiance unknown. Love lifts you higher and takes you to new dimensions in life. Love makes you live out your dreams and hopes and visions. Love is the epitome of GOD. Love opens you up to a whole new world and the atmosphere feeds off your love. It welcomes all good and godly things into your life. You attract who and what you are. Be love, share love and go get your love. That first love that never gave you a chance to express how you truly feel. Love life, love you and love LOVE…..

No more Heartbreak Hotel for you my love. Love embraces you , love awaits you and my love you are love.


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