At the very moment you realize that God has really called you and He has chosen you for His purposes and His will to benefit the Kingdom that will bring glory to His name; is the moment your life and my life has changed and you now see past the flesh and material things only to realize your anointing is for real.

No matter how bad I or we may desire a mate, children, marriage, career, friends, businesses, and more materially; at the end of the day it is doing what God desires that will last. When we put God first that is the moment and time all other things shall manifest into our lives!!! That is when the husband and wife will come,that is when the money will overflow, that is when the healing takes place in our bodies, that is when blessings manifest, that is when doors open and miracles happen for us. When we take care of Gods business is when He will take care of ours. The bible says in Matthew 6:33 if we seek Him first and all His righteousness, then all other things shall be added unto us!!!

Today I had an epiphany regarding the things of God and ministry. Today I woke up to an awesome prayer on a conference call and I just believe God and I know that this is my time as long as I keep God first and do what He wants and needs me to do. I am a servant of The Lord, an Evangelist and chosen by God. No longer can I focus on ME! No longer can I dwell on what I don’t have! No longer can I past judgement, no longer can I have pity parties,no longer can I go about life in my own world!!! It is not about me but God and souls of my fellow brothers and sisters!!! In Christ and out of Christ!!! It is about soul winning unto The Lord! It is about making sure my life adds up to what the Bible says!!!

This blog, my business, Facebook Padgett, twitter page and Instagram page must and it does, but at all times focus on God!!! Everything must be done in decency and order. I must be careful to offend no one. I must be mindful of others regardless of how I feel, I must maintain integrity at all times and this is ministry too!

My life is not my own, it belongs to God and only what I do for Him will last. I thank God He used an incident on today to open my eyes and ears in the spirit!!! He works in mysterious ways I must say!!! Thanks be unto God I had an ear to hear and a heart that is willing to receive instructions!!! The bible declare In all thy getting to get an understanding. Today I truly understand!!!!

God is moving, He is working, He is for real, He is amazing, indescribable and unchangeable. He is everything we need and everything we should desire!!! Today was a good day. Having said all that, I look forward to my future mate and doing ministry with him, I look forward to open doors, blessings and ministry!!!! Today, I stepped out of “self” and into HIM!!! I’m thankful to God for this day, this moment,this change and my ministry.

I pray that as you read this, you to will understand why we must not focus on “us” and our desires, wants or have nots and begin to focus on what God desires for us to do in this lifetime. As we do this we step into the realm of God,like never before and we literally set ourselves up to be blessed and not curesed, to be the head and not thentail, to be first and not last, to be the lender and not the borrower, to be healed and not sick, to be above only and not beneath. This is the will of God for our lives once we line up with the word and will of God.


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