Money Matters

It’s sad to say that most people, male and female thinks that money can buy happiness. Some feel as if they run into the right individual who is financially blessed that they can mooch off of, live off of or get rich off of. Some females feel if they marry into money, it will solve every problem they have. Some men, yes men use women for money as well. Some men, feel as if they will hunt and only date women of status, women with a certain title, job, career, credit,etc.

It is very sad because money buys things and gives you a temporary satisfaction. Money pays bills, but it does not and will not ever buy you happiness. Money will indeed take you on trips, shopping sprees, dinner, movies, it will buy you a nice house and car. It will provide the finer schools and education for you and your children. However, at the end of the night what have you done or accomplished that will bring you true satisfaction? What have you done that will make a difference in this life?? What have you done that will bring God glory??? What have you done to set an example for your family and children???

If you married into money or dating someone with money; are you really that shallow? Are you really in love with him or her??? Or are you truly in love with that that you have no financial woes??? I understand that no one wants to be broke, no one wants to be late on their bills, no one wants to be in a position where they cannot provide for their children. On the other hand, think about someone else for a change and consider their feelings. What if the shoe was on the other foot??? What if once they drained you of all your money, resources and time and then just bounced on you or stayed around to inherit what you have worked so hard for???

Whatever happened to working hard, attaining your own goals and dreams or at least working on them and the both of you build an empire together? Or what happened to being focused on your career, building your own savings account and if you just so happen to meet him or her that has a plethora of money then it is a fairy tale ending for you??? I believe that what is meant to be will be. If its meant for you to be wealthy you will be, with or without a wealthy mate. If it is meant for you to be married to a millionaire, it will happen. If its meant for you to be married to someone who works a nine to five then that will be also. Everyone is not meant to be wealthy, I’m sorry.

You get out of life what you put in. The real question is if GOD allowed you to be blessed financially, could He trust you to do right???? Could God trust you to live right and treat people right??? Could He trust you to not cheat on your spouse?? Could He trust you to pay your tithes??? Could He trust you to help those in need, those who are without and feed the hungry??? Could God trust you?? Would your heart stay right and not become evil?? Would your attitude remain the same or would you become arrogant??? Would God be able to say, I will bless him or her because I can trust them with millions??????

Honestly answering those questions, consider your answers and keep it real. Because if He can’t trust with $200 He surely can’t trust you with $2,000. If God can’t trust you with $2,000 He surely can’t trust you with $2,000,000. So, tonight before you pray and begin to ask God for this,that and the other; ask God what can you do for HIM. Thank God for the small things, thank Him for health, life and strength. Thank God for your moving limbs, your eyes to see, your ears to hear. Thank god for the little things before you begin to ask Him for the bigger blessings. Become appreciative for where you are now, be appreciative for waking up everyday. Be thankful for your job, your current car and what you have now. He has to be able to trust you with the small things before He can bless you with the bigger blessings.

Is your prayer life in tact? Are you spending time with God daily??? Are you tithing??? Are you nice and have a good heart??? Are you responsible and wise in what God has given you this far???
Or is your attitude nasty? Are you mean spirited? Are you neglecting God? Are you paying your tithes????

I agree, that the man is the head, the provider and the protector. I understand God’s word concerning husband and wife. I understand you want a Boaz ladies. Please make sure you have Ruth qualities before you go praying for a Boaz. You attract what and who you are.if you want a certain type of husband, step your game up and do something different that will attract what you’ve been praying for. Men, if you want a certain type of woman, you need to do better as well. Don’t marry for money alone. Don’t marry for money and you don’t love that person. These are things to consider when dating and considering marriage. If they have money now, God forbid something happens and the money is gone, will you stay or will you bounce???? If there was no money five years down the road, could you see yourself with this person for the rest of your life anyway????

Be wise in choosing a mate because marriage is not just marriage and sex. Marriage is ministry.
Money can make or break a marriage, even a relationship. Don’t let money rule you, don’t let money consume you, don’t let money become the root of all evil in your life, heart and mindset.

Allow love, integrity, hard work and ministry be the core of your life and money will come but you won’t be defined by also reap what you sow. Please know that you get back what you put out. It always comes back, when you least expect it. The bible declares to seek the face of God and all His righteousness and all other things shall be added.


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