Faithfully Fierce

Today I was talking with someone and he asked me why was I waiting on God for a mate. He actually had the nerve to tell me that someone had brainwashed me into thinking I could live a fairy tale. I had to explain to me him why I was waiting not only on God but in God.

The fact that I know who I am and who I belong too is why I chose to wait. I shall no longer settle for the average because I’m not average. I am one of God’s best and when God said that He gave His only son that I may live a life of abundance; He not only meant in money and land but also in a mate and in my spiritual walk with Him.

I know that I am fierce and while I wait, I will remain faithful to my Heavenly Father.
A faithfully fierce female is who I am.

As single women we can not settle just because you are tired of waiting. Do not settle for sharing a man because they have this myth that there are ten women to one man. Who does that?! Many woman who believe that they fit that stereotype. God calls us royalty. If you take on the mindset that you are who God says you are then you can certainly have what God says you can have. Never stop believing God for your promises. Never give up on you. The moment you do sis the moment you settle for less than what you deserve. Don’t fall into that trap of looking for a man to save you. Go back to school, start that business and make your own bread. It gives you a sense of fierceness on a whole new level. It’s never too late nor be discouraged. It may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but as it is in all new endeavors, it’s never easy, but it makes you appreciate it in the long run.

When you do meet the man God has for you, the two of you can build an empire together and not just depending solely upon the man to do it all. If a man does come along and save you…lol; be appreciative but there is a cost to all things unless you truly waited on God and that is what He gave you.

I truly walk by faith and this is why I am so fierce and firm when it comes to waiting on and in God for a mate. I have had my share of dating and being with a man who I knew was wrong just as the sun ain’t orange. I was miserable, I disappointed God and all because other people thought I should be married and settled down by now. I learned the hard way and it cost me a lot of heartache and pain,but to God be the glory. I know who I am in God, I refuse to settle? Guess what? There are a lot of men out looking for Mrs. Right and they refuse to settle for a baby mama, a chic on Section 8, a female who is always in the club and her kids at home and her house is nasty. I’m not being rude, I’m keeping it real because this is what we are dealing with on an everyday basis. It’s not cute, it never has been and it never will be. He may take you to the hotel, he may spend a few dollars on you, but he will not wife you, he will not, purposely impregnate you and he will not take you to meet his boys or his family. Now, there ain’t nothing fierce about that.

I speak so candid about these issues because no one wants to deal with the ugly truth. Truth is, it’s long overdue and I want to help my sisters out. I’m transparent in all I write because a lot of what I have written about is about my life’s experience. I do not judge anybody, but I will speak from my heart.

Be fierce in celibacy, be fierce in your faithfulness to God, be fierce in the way you dress ; which is classy. Be fierce in how you talk which is not much and when you do you are mindful of not cursing and speaking with Ebonics. We all have a past, but if you’d like God can give you a beautiful future in Him. Don’t be overshadowed by your environment, where you grew up, how you grew up or where you come from. Your past does not dictate your future. You can have what God says you can have. You are fierce and no you do not have to settle.

Faithfully fierce is who you are. A beautiful, black queen who exudes the royalty of her Heavenly Father. Wait on The Lord for your king and you shall see the works of The Lord come to pass in your life.


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