Faith Over Fear

Today as I sat and thought about life as a single Christian woman; I thought about what other singles may be experiencing or have experienced. Dating can be challenging for many different reasons. Being in a relationship can be challenging as well. Going out and having a good time or staying home and watching tv are both good and bad. I asked myself this question; “what’s keeping you from dating?”

Is it fear? Is it your last relationship? Is it because you’re not where you want to be in your business, career or financially? Maybe all of this does play a part or maybe it is simply because where dating is concerned, I have not allowed my faith to override my fear of dating.

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you tonight; what are some of your fears about dating? What would make you begin to get out there and date? Would you finally put faith over fear and live again? Would you allow your faith to take you to uncharted territories concerning dating if the right one came along?

I do believe that all men are not dogs, I also believe that all women are not scorned. I think most times we allow our “precautions” to stand in the way and keep us bound. We have these walls built up and we are expecting people we date or people who are interested in us to knock them down. When in reality, if we want to move forward we must work along side them and assist them in this. Reason being is they did not hurt us, make us sad, leave us nor cheat on us. They are not the last man/woman and they probably did not even know us before now. Sometimes these walls can do more harm than good. I always speak on being free before moving forward and I still believe that is the healthy thing to do. However, if you are in fact healed, but you have these very walls up; do yourself a favor and forgive yourself for the last relationship not working and slowly let them down. Not too slow, because I would hate for you to miss your blessing. I’m not saying move them in within the first week. No, no, no. What I am saying is celibacy is still sexy, but I don’t see nothing wrong with a little dating. You may be in the season of your life to meet your Cinderella or Prince Charming.

When you begin to walk in faith it drives out fear. I always tell myself faith over fear concerning all things in my life. Once you begin to believe that you can date someone who would genuinely care about you and love you for you; it’ll come to you. You have to have enough faith in God to know you deserve the best and that you are the best. God will withhold no good thing from you but you have to believe it first.

Have faith and get rid of fear. Make a realistic list of what you desire in a mate and be specific. You get what you ask for. Believe that all things are possible. When you begin to pray thank God for who He is, worship Him and then have a heart to heart with Him. When you talk with God, express how you feel about relationships and ask Him if what’s on your list is lining up with His will for your life. And let Him sincerely know you desire to be married. Ask Him to get you ready and prepared for a mate. Start dating, but be selective. Don’t date people who you know are no good for you and would only be a distraction and downfall.

Be loving to yourself and have a positive outlook and attitude. I say this because you attract what are from the inside out. Be patient and know that what’s meant for you is for you. A word of wisdom for my people; a married person is not in God’s will for your life. Use wisdom in dating. If you use dating sites on the Internet, please use precaution and discretion, but I know a few people who have had success on those sites. Just use wisdom please.

Faith can carry you a very long way as well as fear can put everything on pause. Faith over fear. Faith over fear. Faith over fear.


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