The Struggle

The struggle lies within
Always familiar with the beginning
But never knowing the end

Uncertainty dwells in the loins of your tomorrow
Traveling down the lane of love
While lust tormentingly throws you to and fro

Desperately hoping deep down within
For a happily ever after sweet tasting end
Facing each day with fear as you pretend
That faith is your dearest and best friend

The struggle lies within
The mere thought of you being overcome by your past sins
Refusing to let go and forgive yourself
You’ve become as still and dusty as a rag doll
On the shelf

The smile you wear has fooled the likes of many
The hurt you hold on to is filled with plenty
Of pain,hurt and disappointment
There is no perfume that cover up this scent
Of abuse,rape,abandonment or despair
You’re alone feeling as if no one cares

Then one day a whisper crosses your eardrum
Reminding you of a Man that had come
To lay down His life that you may be free
To live a life abundantly
Yet the struggle is hard even in the midst of liberty
Your enemy of yester years refuses to leave
But if you can only trust God and surely believe

There’s always a struggle for those who are called and appointed
And yes for this gift,You’re who God anointed
Surely you’ll reap if you do not faint
Write your name on the walls with bright red paint
Reminding the enemy you are covered in the blood
And a Holy Ghost filled,fire baptized and sanctified saint

Built for the struggle and fit for the fight
Shouting from the rooftop with all your might
For God I live and for God I’ll die
No matter what I go through, I will survive
And the devil is a lie

The struggle will always be a struggle
But God will always be God
You don’t have to face the struggle alone when God is for you
He’s more than the world against you……..


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