Have you ever woke up early in the morning and you feel different??? Almost as if something is about to happen and change is about to come. You suddenly realize that the universe is aligning with the will of God for your life. It all goes back to submitting to God and living a righteous life, working hard to achieve our dreams and believing in yourself. Today was my day!

I can relate when people say they’ve had an epiphany after a long time of going through many trials and tribulations. After suffering heartache and uncertainty and having the courage to not give up. This process of learning who you are, learning how to be courageous,admitting your failures, dealing with the man in the mirror and saying yes to a better you. In the back of your mind, you’re feeling scared and unsure of what tomorrow may hold because you have surrendered your all to God but having faith to trust God no matter what it looks like.

It takes faith to move past the epiphanies of your life. Especially as a single mom, single individual or newly single man or woman. You have to somewhat “get back to you” in a sense of renewing your mind, thinking for only one person and knowing that you may never have someone to say “you did well” or “you are beautiful” or “I support you”. I’ve never had that from anyone except my adult son and all of his life he’d tell me that it’s going to be ok. He always told me how much he loves me and that he has my back. Even at times when I knew he couldn’t help financially or emotionally; mentally knowing that his heart was in the right place at that moment, meant the world to me. So many people had given up on me and I felt like I was alone and maybe unworthy of living my dreams or having a spouse but it wasn’t until I looked in the mirror one day and began to say to myself that I do deserve love, my dreams,my joy,my smile and everything God has promised me that I realized those people just wanted me to literally die on the inside so they could watch me decay on the outside. They enjoyed laughing at my pain. I decided to cut these individuals off and move forward. Sometimes it even includes family and friends. Because any time a person or persons does not encourage you, motivate you or drive you to greatness they are in return sucking life out of you in a relationship or friendship that is one sided. Sometimes severing ties is the antidote to your issues. Sever soul ties as well. People that you have been intimate with and you can’t seem to let go but they have moved on; sever the soul tie. You’re blocking your future mate from coming because again baggage is weighing you down and drowning you out.

Today I had an epiphany. I woke up feeling like I’m being held down by my circumstances, by negative people in my life, gossiping individuals and people that have no drive for themselves let alone for me. Always downing what I’m trying to accomplish and always looking crazy when I talk about my dreams. Well, today I woke up feeling beautifully blessed beyond my wildest dreams and I feel so free from negative energy. I asked God to please free me from negative people and things and today it has started happening. It may be a lonely walk to wealth,your future, your dreams and all, but I can guarantee that it will be well worth it because along the way God replaces those negative people and things with positive ones that will make a great impact in your life and vise versa. Don’t give up no matter how frustrating it may be.

I especially want to encourage my single people because it can be frustrating and irritating at the same time,but God has not forgotten about us. We have to get to that point in life and say ok God I surrender and I give it all to you. Now, what do I do? And He will begin to speak to you and show you exactly what He has in store for you. It will all begin to fall into place and make sense. At that given moment the epiphany of your life will set in and you will feel like you can conquer the world!

I remember the song by Stevie Wonder named “You and I” and I think about God and the relationship we have. That song embodies how I feel. Me and God can conquer the world! I am thankful for my epiphany and I no longer need validation from people or things. All I need is to believe In God and who He says I am. I believe in my dreams, my goals, my life and most importantly I believe in ME!!!! So, today I salute my single people on doing what your heart says concerning your dreams and aspirations because now is the time to cease the moment. If the light bulb has come on, that’s your epiphany! If your dreams are coming back alive, that is your epiphany! If your gifts are being unlocked and you are ready to go after your dreams and goals, that is your epiphany! Let no one tell you no or you can’t! Pray and believe God! Work hard and it shall come to pass!!!!


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