A “Single” Rose

For single mothers, tomorrow is a special day just like any other day. It is a special day that we may spend alone, we may spend it with our children or we may have a significant other. Whatever the case may be, how do we as single mothers really feel on Mother’s Day??? So, on today I give you a single rose. This single rose is coming from a very special place in my heart. I too, a single mother can relate to how our day can be saddened or happy. It is up to us. So, today we choose happiness and joy as we stand together in unity and love to celebrate this day. We are The Rose in our children’s lives, our families and friends. We give so much of ourselves and as each petal withers and falls off we become depleted on a day to day basis. Mothers, on today let us not forget to replenish ourselves.

Instead of allowing those petals of love,sacrifice,devotion,PTA meetings,family outings,laundry,sick days with the kids, carpooling and holidays and working a full time job to fall off and die and leave us weak and insufficient to care for ourselves; let us nourish our mind with the word of God. Let us not forget to wash our souls with self love and pamper our body with a bubble bath that allows us to unwind. Let us take a long deep breath and just say to yourself; “I love you”. Sometimes we have to stop and think about ourselves. If we are not in a good place of peace and serenity from within, we will not be any good for anyone else. We have to put self first in order to be able to care for others.

If we do not begin to do it ourselves, no one else is. People look at mothers as if we are the energizer bunny. They see us as if we can go on and on and on and on forever. Little do they know, at times we get so mentally tired before we become physically tired and eventually we emotionally explode or our bodies physically shut down. Majority of the time both incidents occur and now everything has to be put on hold while we recover and recuperate. Before this happens, why don’t we commit to self and water, nourish and help protect the rosé within.

Begin to wake up a little earlier than your family. Pray, read your bible, meditate or just stare out the window. Take some me time. Eat breakfast alone sometimes. Eat lunch alone in a fancy restaurant once a month. Begin to hone in on what makes you relax. Is it a good book with a cup of tea? Is it painting? Is it cooking or taking a long walk? For me, it is making jewelry and singing. Sometimes I like to write or draw. It allows me to unwind, not to think about anything other than what I’m doing at that moment. In time you will find so much joy in “me time.” Also, dress the part. Even if you’re not going out to a party or anything still, keep yourself up and together. Comb your hair, put on some nice clothes and see how much better you feel everyday.

When you become full of joy, it makes your everyday tasks and responsibilities so much more enjoyable and you can do it with a smile and really mean it. Your family and surroundings become more at ease and at peace. Before you know it, your life is everything you ever wanted it to be. Always keep your rosé within covered in prayer and self love. Never allow anyone and anything to take what is rightfully yours. Never apologize for your joy.

Today, as you prepare for tomorrow, really stop and smell the roses. See what’s on the inside of you that is stinking and begin to pluck it up from the root and replace it with self love, motivation, prayer, confidence and joy. Make it a routine to do inventory of your life every so often. Whatever is not making you happy or weighing you down,get rid of it. Don’t allow negativity in your life. Surround yourself with positive things and people. Not only is tomorrow about you, today is and so is every other day. Do not limit yourself to one day a year to be appreciated. Appreciate self daily, take care of self daily. There’s only 1 you. Take care of YOU first and know that is the right thing to do.

My single rosé to you today is this; always keep in mind that YOU are only 1 Rose but you have many petals to your life. Water your rosé daily (with prayer), place your rosé in the sun as needed (take a walk in the park or a swim or have a cup of tea on the patio all alone), nourish your rosé with love and care (treat yourself with kindness and believe when God says you deserve the best). You yourself are The Rosé with many petals(layers) to your life. Do not allow your rosé to wither and die. Allow your rosé to grow, develop and continue to be a special gift to those you serve.

To all the mothers of the world; Single and Married…..Enjoy your Mother’s Day tomorrow and Be Blessed. Enjoy your gifts (children) as they embrace you!!!!


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