Single; It Starts With You.

The single life is not just being alone or being without a mate. Being single means being single in heart as well. What do I mean? Well, being single in heart means learning to love you for who you are. Accepting the good, the bad and the ugly. Allowing God to heal and deliver you from your past, being delivered through Christ from the things that have attached themselves to you and then developing into the woman or man of God you are. You have to learn and believe that you really are special and unique. You were created in the image of Christ which means; beautiful and wonderful. You must love yourself first before anyone else can. You should not ever enter into a relationship when you are scarred and broken. And never expect for that person to fix you. They did not create you, so how can you and why would you expect them to fix you??? They have no idea what happened, who did it and how to fix it. Sometimes, we are our worst enemy because we refuse to deal with the issues life has dealt and we run from relationship to relationship, entering into sexual relations when we need to remain celibate and focus on ourselves. God will never bless a mess. Now there have been times where we do not want to be alone, due to the fact that we do not want to face our ugly truths. Once we begin to face what we are dealing with, it becomes a whole lot easier to peel the layers back and pull them off. Once the layers of past hurts, pain, abuse in any form, low self esteem, insecurities and abandonment have been pulled of allow God to throw them away. And for once in your life, DO NOT pick them back up. Only a dog returns to his own vomit and that is bible talking right there!!! Trust me when I say that I literally know how you feel because I have been there and done that baby!!! I can tell you first hand that God has more,God has better and He wants to bless and reward you. You can not receive better if you do not believe you deserve it. You will never believe you deserve it if you do not know who you are. You will never know who you are if you do not know why you were created. You will never know why you were created, if you do not know who created you! You can not know who created you if you do not develop a relationship with Him. If you do not begin to talk with Him on an everyday basis through prayer and communication, you will never get to that point. Your creator is GOD!!!! He loves you, He know what is best for you and He has the best in store for you!!! But, you will never be able to receive any of it until you develop a relationship with God first. Yes, we all want to be married and have the family and the house, business,etc. However, until you go back to your first love which is God, everything else will not work. You can fake yourself out to think it’s working, but let’s be honest. It is not,it is stressful and you have no peace. Why not begin to enjoy some peace, love, joy and fruits from God??? He has blessings in store for you, let go and let God. Let God begin to free you from all those things that are not meant to be with you in the now. It is not easy, I never said it was and I will never say it. However, it is well worth it because it gives you the ability to be free and develop into who God created you to be. One day, after the process of letting go and letting God heal you, then comes this wonderful mate you’ve been praying for. Here comes the career change that will bring the wealth. Here comes the freedom to travel. Here comes ministry and you’re helping others get free because you have the advice and experience from your own process. Search deep, let go and trust God. You can’t go into a relationship with just half of your healing. Don’t jump ahead of the process because you have seen some change. You will have to start all over again. Stay the course, he strong and keep praying. Stay the course and finish the process. Don’t give up because if you do, you just gave up on yourself and that’s why others give up on you too! Be kind to yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself. Take the first step and look in the mirror and know that you are worth every blessing God has in store for you. It starts with YOU!


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