The Single Life

Well ladies it has been a long time coming. I have finally embraced the single life and learned to love ME! I am in my mid thirties, I’m a single mother and I’m doing me, finally. For so long I thought that I needed a man in my life to complete me. That left me even more lonely, upset and bothered because I always chose the wrong men. Through many trials and tribulations I have come to the conclusion that my happiness and joy comes only from God and from loving ME. So, now that I’m in a very good place mentally, physically and emotionally I am creating a blog home here @ Konversationswithkizzy for the single life of today’s women and men. We can talk, share, comment and our differences of opinions, ideas, thoughts and videos. The single life is real and it can be scary sometimes because of all the things we go through if we choose to date. If we don’t choose to date, we miss out on certain things amongst living a full life and a balanced life. Women have so many hang ups especially when they’ve been hurt, abandoned, abused, disappointed and not able to heal. For many reasons women hold on to the past and bring it into their current situation and end up with no future because they refuse to believe in the hope of love. Instead they continue with this jilted mentality all men are dogs. That is untrue. We as women do not fully understand that every man is not the same, but the problem is not simply men. It is the men we attract. We attract who we are. Whatever is on the inside, is what we attract outside. So, we have to start turning that finger around and pointing it at ourselves, pray and get it together. If we want something different, we must do something different. We must be delivered from the past and let it go. We will never be happy or whole or any good for anybody until we make these changes. A broken heart is something. But it is also something we can can bounce back from if we choose too. Don’t be your own worst enemy because you refuse to deal with the inner-me, that inner man. Be free, be whole and be healed. The road to that life is through prayer, some counseling and some just simply choosing to be a better YOU. So, I look forward to posting weekly about The Single Life and the issues and blessings in it. Until our next talk, love and peace!


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