Marietta Mentoring For Leadership

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend a mentoring training program for teens in middle school and high school.
A young woman named Akella Cook Clore whom you can find on Facebook, along with the overseer of the non for profit organization named Marge Kellogg whom you can reach @ have an outstanding program that changes the lives of our youth one day at a time. I met some amazing mentors that have a heart for our youth in Marietta, Ga. They welcomed me and we shared testimonies and stories of why we would like to help the program and mentor these young men and women. They told us how they have fed, housed and mentored some and how some touched their lives as well. This program should really be exposed more to gain more mentors so they can go beyond the city limits of Marietta,Ga. They accept donations and volunteers. They fully train you and go through a criminal background check and welcome you with open arms and a smile!!! Please help the youth in Marietta and surrounding cities, they need us. It really does take a village to raise a child. A lot of these pre teens and teens are looking for love, but in all the wrong places. They want to be accepted, but right now they’re being accepted by the wrong influences. We must help and allow them a chance at life, at leadership. Contact Akella Cook Clore on Facebook or Margie Kellogg @


2 thoughts on “Marietta Mentoring For Leadership

  1. First… I want to thank God for all that he does. For blessing US to come back together to meet up to see each other again.

    The Marietta Mentoring for Leadership program is opening doors and making a difference for some of our young adults in the Marietta City Schools. Our vision is to value and enhance the lives of the youth of Marietta by providing a caring mentor who can serve as advocate and life skills navigator, so that each student may achieve personal and academic success and will become a contributing member of a greater community.

    So, again. I thank you for coming to training and making a difference Kizzy. God bless you on
    Your journey to success. I’m here if you need me.

    For those interested in becoming a mentor. You can email me at or view our site at Thanks Akella.

    • Thank you so much Akella! To God be the glory!!!! I thank God I was able to attend and yes I will be coming to more meetings and I will need your help in the future 🙂 I love you lady!!!! This mentoring program is a light to the world!!!!

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